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Regular Jim Traber and Vanity Perkins don’t like each other…

traber perkins

It looks like we're not the only ones who can't stand Regular Jim Traber.

Earlier today, while Jim was breathing out his typical rant about the Oklahoma City Thunder – Kendrick Perkins makes too much money, Derek Fisher is too old, and then you wrap the turkey in a cheesecloth – Vanity Perkins sent out the following tweet:

Hey, Vanity Perkins is normal just like everyone else! Awesome.

Not wasting any time, she followed with:

Actually, Jim did play Major League Baseball and college football... very poorly. In fact, we published an article that asked "Was Jim Traber the Kendrick Perkins of Major League Baseball?" He was actually worse! That's how bad Jim Traber was at professional sports. Vanity should read it.

At this point, Vanity turned into Angry Vanity and lost a little bit of logic and reason. Warning: Heavy doses of hypocrisy ahead:

Know what else is the perfect example of a bully? This:

kendrick perkins darnell mayberry

Yeah, Darnell, if you don't like then do something to the 7-foot, 270 man.

Vanity then made things very personal:

But know who is a role model??? The lady who gets in fights at nail salons.

I think it was around this time that Regular Jim Traber found out about the tweets and starting going off on Vanity on the air. To which she replied:


According to a Mole who was listening at the time, Traber – who is not in the best of health – responded with something like "Yeah, I'd curl up into a ball, because then your husband would try to pick me up and probably just drop me." Get it? Kendrick Perkins is an awful basketball player and would drop Jim like a basketball. I don't give it up to Jim too often, but that was pretty good.

After that, we were treated to something like 5 - 10 minutes of Jim Traber talking trash on Vanity and then Vanity responding on Twitter. Here are the rest of her tweets:

Actually, Regular Jim Traber's wife is arguably more successful than he is. Also, she won't mind telling you to stay the fuck away from her husband.

In all fairness, Jim only tries to fight Japanese pitchers:

At this point in the feud, someone from the Thunder's Ministry of Propaganda must have called the management at The Sports Animal and Kendrick Perkins, because both Jim and Vanity changed their tone. In fact, the Sports Animal appeared to take an extended commercial break and Vanity issued the following tweet:

When Jim Traber returned back on the air at 4:00pm with Al Eschbach, they barely even brought the thing up. Vanity even sent out this tweet that sounds like it was written by Dan Mahony:

Uhm, take you out of character? Don't you mean put you in character.

I doubt the Thunder will let them, but hopefully the Sports Animal shows some independence and puts the segment on their site. (I can't believe I'm about to write this) I actually wouldn't mind hearing the entire debacle.

If that doesn't work, maybe they can do what I suggested on Twitter:

Hell, I'd pay up to $20.

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