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Christina Fallin appreciates Native American culture and other beautiful things…

Hipster Boo Boo strikes again!

Yesterday, Christina Fallin was "overseeing" a photo shoot as part of her new gig as a "marketing consultant" for So6ix magazine. During the shoot, she posted the following photo on Instagram:

christina fallin indian headdress

Disturbing, isn't it? Josh Sallee is going to be on the cover of So6ix. No!!! I'm cool with him appearing on the cover of Look at OKC and The Gazette within weeks of each other, but isn't that a little too much? For one, he's teetering on the brink of overexposure. Two, the only people who read So6ix can't actually read! Oh well, at least he's helping the "magazine" keep its tradition of writing about the people and personalities we first covered two years ago. Hopefully, he doesn't fall victim to their cover curse.

Oh wait. What's that? The real news item here is that Christina Fallin put down her can of black face and decided it would be fun to disrespect and mock Native American culture in a state that has a whole bunch of Native Americans? Yeah, I'm aware. That's why I sent a screenshot of her ridiculous photo out to our 20,000+ Twitter followers last night.

That's pretty awful, but on a positive note, at least she wasn't chugging whiskey or rolling around on the ground mumbling "Tatonka." I'm sure both crossed her mind. At least she showed some restraint.

After we sent the tweet, people showered the out-of-touch, affluent, attention craving white poser who lacks any self-awareness of the real world with a whole lot of attention. Unfortunately, it wasn't the "Oh My Gawd, you're so creative Christinahhhh. I love youuu!" praise that she's used to receiving from all her hipster friends and So6ix magazine cronies. They were more of the "Hey, you're an insensitive racist bitch" variety.

Obviously, the negative comments got Christina's attention. She issued a statement about it this morning, but instead of apologizing, taking responsibility and showing any sort of remorse, she and her boyfriend simply used the pic as an opportunity to promote their awful band and justify the situation with some sort of "holier than thou" philosophical, stoned college student bullshit. It's one of the most ridiculous, out-of-touch things I've ever read.

Check it out:

chrome pony

Don't be offended, Native Americans. Christina Fallin meant no disrespect. She simply dressed up as a Native American because she wants to innocently adorn herself with beautiful stereotypes that she's seen in old movies and cartoons. I'm sure your ancestors would appreciate that. You know, because she chooses to embrace fear. Or something thing like that. I have no clue.

Anyway, people took the press release about as well as the did they did the original photo. Check out some of these ridiculous exchanges "Pink Pony" had with people on Facebook.

christina fallin fb


christina fallin fb 2


christina fallin fb


fallin headdress 5


fallin headdress 6


fallin headdress 8

Before we continue, on the count of three, let's all give out one big collective "Fuck You" to Christina and Chrome Pony. Sound good? Here we go.




Fuck you!

Feels good doesn't it?

Anyway, here are some final notes:

• I'm sure Joe Internet Commenter is typing something in all caps asking why this is a big deal? "WHO CARES! ITS A FREE COUNTRY!!! VOTE RON PAUL." Before you post that comment, read this.

• I'm not too sure what's more offensive. Is it the photo, or Christina's refusal to acknowledge that she did anything wrong? I'm leaning towards the response. Hell, I'm kind of jealous that I can't float through an entitled life with a lack of self awareness. Must be nice.

• I asked the Governor's Office if they had any comment. This was their response: "No."

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