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Emily Sutton’s serious boyfriend is now just rubbing it in…

11:20 AM EST on February 14, 2014

emily sutton's serious boyfriend

Happy Valentine's Day. I guess.

Earlier this morning, Emily Sutton's Serious Boyfriend surprised his weather princess with a dozen roses and a mystery love bag on live TV. It was the most awkward / depressing local TV moment since Gary England was stumped by the giant iPad.

Check it out:

Yeah, that could have been a lot worse. It was more uncomfortable than accidentally elbowing a girl you work with in the boob. You could tell the Emily was embarrassed, her co-host Lacey Lett was jealous, and we never have to worry about Michael (that's the dude's name) making the jump to live television.

I think my favorite part is when Lacey Lett groans "I'm just going to move out-of-the-way" and then does everything but try to move out-of-the-way:

lacey lett 2

When she finally does jump off camera, she runs back on the set to randomly touch Michael's muscly man arms:

lacey lett

Yeah, I think we know who's single for Valentine's Day. Maybe Michael should hook Lacey up with a paramedic buddy or something.

Of course, things did eventually take a turn for the worse. In what has to be an intentional effort to make us jealous and cry, this happened:

Wow. That's as brutal as giving someone a box of chocolates without a guide map. Not only does he bring Emily a dozen flowers from Wal-Mart, but he also gets to do the weather report. Maybe next year for Valentine's Day he can just rip our hearts out and eat them on live TV. If he does, hopefully he'll make sure to wear something nicer that an old Polo shirt from 2005.

As a parting shot, Emily and Michael jumped in front of the green screen for the Valentine's forecast:

I like how Emily says "You guys can barf now," apparently not realizing that we did it 10 minutes earlier.

Anyway, I guess we should be good sports and wish the love birds a Happy Valentine's Day. Just like Lacey Lett, we're not jealous at all that Emily has a strong, life saving boyfriend. We're happy for them like sunshine.

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