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There’s a new weather hero in town…

truck driver

Jonathan Conder has some competition.

On Sunday morning, KOCO sent weekend morning weatherman Brad Sowder to Norman for a live report on winter weather conditions. It was pretty typical stuff. Stand at the corner of an intersection, put the ruler in the snow, talk about the wind chill, tell people to stay at home and only get out if necessary. You know the drill.

During the middle of a live shot, a pickup truck tried to make it up a hill. It didn't. Fortunately for everyone except the truck's driver, Sowder was right there to save the day. Or at least try.

Check out the clip:

Brad Sower isn't as intense as Jonathan Conder and didn't scold Normanites for wearing gardening clogs, but I think this may be a better video.

For one, it showcases the absurdity of winter weather coverage. "Hey look, that truck is struggling up a hill. Lets wave him down to ask why, and in the process, make sure he gets stuck." Also, the look on Firestone Boy's face when he realizes he's on live TV is kind of priceless. It's like he instantly knows he's going to be the butt of jokes at the Norman Firestone for the rest of his life. They'll probably nickname him :Ice Man." 

With this turning into a winter weather apocalypse week, hopefully KOCO sends Jonathan Conder and Brad Sowder out into the weather to rescue stranded motorists as a team. Sure, they'd be like a mix of Good Cop / Bad Cop and Scooby and Scrappy-Doo, but it will fun to watch Conder berate motorists while Sowder calls them "Broseph" and gives them knucks. It would be great live TV.

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