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2013 Year in Review: October

By Joel

11:00 AM EST on December 27, 2013

October saw the release of Miley Cyrus's song "Wrecking Ball." Who would have thought that weird toothed Disney star would go on to be a weird toothed rabble-rouser? Remember when she got the entire world talking when she dressed like a fool and rubbed her lady parts on Alan Thicke's son? #$5eGVE GRw &)ed97g......Sorry. My fingers and brain just stop working for a moment because that's the most appalling and ridiculous thing they've ever typed. My apologies to my fingers and brain.

Vote for your favorite October story! They have to do with sports radio, crazy zookeepers and the state fair.


al eschbach sports animal swimsuit

6. Beer & Radishes: A History of OKC Sports Radio Through the Archives of The Oklahoman

Published: 10/17/13

What We Said: "I thought the recent launch of The Franchise would be a good excuse to take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the high- and low-points of the history of sports radio in the Oklahoma City market. Because I have this subscription to The Oklahoman sitting around, I decided to get my money’s worth and dive into their archives. This is the result."

What We Learned: The history of OKC sports radio is a riveting tale of great men whose loyalty and talent are constantly put to the test yet they persevere in the face of adversity. Just kidding. It's a history of egotistical folks who get paid to make mouth sounds into a microphone pissing off program directors, listeners, or both. 

Fun Fact: The same guys who make fun of their wives and girlfriends for being too heavily invested in millionaires they'll never meet on shows on E! are the same guys who are too heavily invested in the lives of millionaires they'll never meet on ESPN. Same thing fellas. Same. Thing.

Best Comment: "This is a great post and I didn’t know a lot of this stuff. Haven’t listened to sports radio in a couple of years now and enjoy sports more for it I think."- Everybodysacritic


oklahoman article

5. The Oklahoman is very sorry they actually reported some news

Published: 10/08/13

What We Said: "So let me get this straight. The Oklahoman’s publisher, Chris Reen, is apologizing for having an experienced reporter go out and actually perform investigative enterprise journalism on a subject the public should know more about?"

What We Learned: The "Good Ol Boy" network is a real thing. Then again, we kind of already knew that because we live in Oklahoma and have eyes.

Fun Fact: Christy Gaylord Everest once pulled a long running podcast I and a friend produced and hosted for free for OPUBCO for over a year because I made a joke about how we weren't getting paid. She said it made the family look cheap. Or at least that's what the person who fired me told me. 

Best Comment: "I always laugh (cry) when I see someone reading a copy of this toilet paper."- Jesus


tiger king joe exotic

4. Meet Joe Exotic, owner of GW Exotic Animal Park and the Biker Fox of southern OK

Published: 10/09/13

What We Said: "The guy is one of a kind. How the local media has been able to take him seriously and not just laugh at him is amazing. He’s essentially the Biker Fox of southern Oklahoma. The only difference is that he raises tigers instead of raccoons. Just check out the photos from his Joe Exotic Facebook Page."

What We Learned: Dude likes tigers, country music, mustaches and money. He's like my uncle only I've never been by chased by a drunk, naked Joe Exotic. Not yet anyway.

Fun Fact: This guy owns a zoo, sings country music, sells condoms online and is super liberal on a lot of things. How A&E hasn't backed a dump truck of cash to this guy's house yet is one of the single dumbest things to ever not happen. Dude's a gold mine. A gold mine I tell ya. Get it together, TV!

Best Comment: "This guy is like a white trash unicorn."- Travis B.


doug lawler chesapeake house front

3.  With more Chesapeake Layoffs on the horizon, let's take a look at CEO Doug Lawler's $3.75 million Oak Tree Mansion

Published: 10/08/13

What We Said: "Back in August, just months before he would tell employees in a letter that he “fully recognizes the difficulty and stress associated with the transformation process,” Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler purchased a 13,000 square-foot, $3.75-million mansion in Oak Tree."

What We Learned: Turns out energy company CEO's are dicks. I know! I could totally believe it too!

Fun Fact: Laying off a bunch of really good people has its perks. I mean, sure, you don't have a soul but your house is awesome.

Best Comment: "Man, that thing is ugly."- Matt


red jeep

2. Some Funny guy from Enid is selling a beat up 1997 Jeep Cherokee on Craigslist

Published: 10/17/13

What We Said: "We know the Jeep is for sale thanks to a brutally honest and somewhat amusing ad that the owner put on Craigslist. In fact, the ad was so amusing that it’s already been flagged for removal. Fortunately, we were able to find an alternate link to the listing."

What We Learned: Apparently people in Enid are as good at writing funny things as anyone who writes for this site. Probably better. Time to find out who this person is and offer him a non-paying internship at TLO headquarters, or at least get him to write next years review.

Fun Fact: Regardless of how funny an ad is, still get the CarFax.

Best Comment: "This could have been written by Ron Swanson."- Aaron B.


bench warmers state fair photo contest

1. OKC State Fair Photo Contest Semi-Finals Part 1 & Part 2 and Finals

Published: 10/02/13, 10/03/13, 10/10/13

What We Said: "The Ogle Mole Network submitted about 200 photos for this year’s contest. After spending many hours reviewing and debating the merits of each pic, we selected 20 for the semi-finals."

What We Learned: People love to send pictures of unfunny things. For every good one there's about 30 of some guy with a mullet, a stars & bars belt buckle and a 20-year-old "Big Johnson" t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. That's not special. That's every guy at a Wal-Mart always. What gets our attention? A bench being used as toilet paper. That's special.

Fun Fact: After the picture was taken that woman walked around dragging that bench behind her for twenty minutes until the heat from the friction melted the steel and the bench was able to break loose.


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