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About those Bigfoot hunters from Tulsa…

10:15 AM EST on November 8, 2013


Sometimes I think that Oklahoma City's rivalry with Tulsa is overblown. Tulsa is a cool town. There are lots of things to like about Tulsa. For instance, the hamburgers at Claud's. Those are great. There is probably some other stuff, too, but I just can't think of anything else at the moment.

One thing we don't give Tulsa enough credit for is that Tulsans are always vigilant about Bigfoot. They are so vigilant, in fact, that a few of them went to jail after they accidentally shot each other while on an expedition hunting for Sasquatch.

In case you missed it, here's the story from Tulsa's News On 6:

Rogers County Sheriff's Department arrested three people in what appears to be an accidental shooting. One of the men told deputies he'd shot his friend while the two were on a Sasquatch hunting expedition.

"If [they] had just been factual, upfront and truthful with us and explained that this was truly an accident, as strange as it might sound, we would have went ahead and investigated and probably nobody would have [gone] to jail," Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said.

The two men were hunting - apparently for Bigfoot - around 177th East Avenue and Tiger Switch Road Saturday night. Omar Pineda reportedly heard a "barking noise," jerked and shot his friend in the back, authorities say.

"When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that?" Walton said Sunday morning.

Um, I'm no county sheriff or anything, but I would absolutely believe anything anyone told me after an explanation like that. It's a story as old as time: people were out hunting for Bigfoot and mistook the barking sound of a human being for the barking sound of Bigfoot and accidentally shot them in the back. Who hasn't done this at least a couple times a year?

I have to say that even though I'm happy these guys are on the lookout for him, isn't Bigfoot more of a southeast Oklahoma thing? I don't recall seeing many Bigfoot sightings in Tulsa. But I'm no expert.

I will give these guys credit for one thing. They do know what to do after accidentally shooting each other. They go to QuikTrip.

The men met emergency responders at a QuikTrip near Interstate 44 and 161st Street. The wounded man is expected to survive.

Jeez. I knew Tulsans loved their QuikTrip, but is it really the place to go after a shooting? If it doubles as a hospital, it really is true that 7-11 is nowhere near as good.

In any case, with these people out of commission, I hope some other people step up to defend northeast Oklahoma from Bigfoot, because it seems like the police aren't going to do it.

"To our knowledge, no Bigfoot sightings in Rogers County," Walton said. "I think our focus is career criminals and thugs, and we're going to stay focused on that and let somebody else go after Bigfoot."

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