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Meers, home of “The Best Burger in Oklahoma,” is blaming Obama for expensive hamburger buns…


If you live in Oklahoma, you've probably had a Meers burger once or twice in your life. If not, you've at least heard some annoying lady at work talk about it. The restaurant, which is located in the "town" of Meers in the Wichita Mountain Wildife Refugee, is known for legendary burgers served in rural west time capsule. It's one of those restaurants that's featured on Travel Channel shows, national magazines and anything with Ron Stahl.

The Meers website does a good job covering all that stuff. If you haven't had lunch yet, you may want to skip this part:

Welcome to Meers, home of the "Best Burger in Oklahoma". Once a bustling town of miners seeking gold in the Wichita Mountains, all that remains of the town of Meers now is our world renowned family restaurant of the same name. Meers population has dwindled from the gold rush peak of 500 down to the present residents: one family of six people, eight cats and a dog. The Meers Store and Restaurant has became famous for our Meersburger, a 7" diameter burger made exclusively from prize winning Texas Longhorn beef raised on the family's own ranch. Beef that is actually lower in cholesterol than chicken!

The Meers Store and Restaurant serves a delicious selection of steaks, barbecue, home-baked bread, and desserts including homemade ice cream. If you enjoy our food be sure and pick up some of our Longhorn beef steaks and hamburger meat for sale in our store along with barbecued brisket, spare ribs, polish sausage and chicken, as well as thick sliced bacon.

Our restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere, very considerate staff and service to make you feel "Right At Home". On all the walls are historic photos of people who have visited and eaten here as well as original decor dating all the way back to 1901. Our entry way walls are covered with business cards from all walks of life, so don't forget to bring one of yours along to add to the memories...

Sounds pretty good. That being said, before you hop in the car and head down the turnpike of sadness towards Lawton, there is one thing you should know. The owners of Meers are dealing with a hamburger bun crisis, and it's Obama's fault.

Check out this manifesto they've displayed at each table in their restaurant...

meers burger crazy letter

Here's something else they should add to their website: "By they way, we're bat shit fucking crazy."

They really have that displayed on each table at the restaurant. And no, it's not satirical. It's 100% serious. Even though they didn't list one fact to support their dopey thesis, I'm going to paraphrase the letter like a Margaret Thatcher quote:

Because of Obamacare and maybe labor unions, and despite numerous Google searches not supporting any of this, Bimbo Foods was forced to cut the hours of thousands of employees who apparently made our jumbo hamburger buns.

Because of our refusal to make, smaller healthier burgers for our customers, we had to get a local bakery to supply us with jumbo buns. TTHAK YOU Cindy. These new buns are pricey. We even had to buy a $3,000 bun slicer.

We shouldn't have to provide HEALTHCARE to the needy. Socialism is bad. Thanks Obama.

Yeah, that's pretty fucking stupid. It would be funny if it were satire. Considering Meers has freedom fries and Sissy burgers on their menu, I doubt it is.

Anyway, I have a different theory as to why the large buns were discontinued. It's called "capitalism." Maybe, just maybe, Bimbo quit making super buns because they were no longer profitable. Lets be honest, unless it includes a novelty trip to a dive in Podunk, Oklahoma, not too many people are in the market for a 7-inch diameter cheeseburger.

Also, it wasn't like Meers was forced to find an expensive local bread supplier and buy new equipment. They could have lowered their portions and used cheap buns. Would they really lose customers by doing so? I doubt it. Instead they made a planned, calculated and very capitalistic business decision to improve their product, raise prices and earn a bigger profit... and it's the government's fault. You gotta love it. Maybe it's time for them to practice what they preach and take a little personal responsibility for their actions.

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