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Aaron Tuttle is still a tool…

1:52 PM EDT on September 13, 2013

aaron tuttle strong 2

A couple of days ago, local Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle posted the following message on his Facebook profile page:

aaron tuttle facebook tease

Yes, Aaron Tuttle has 35,000 people following him on Facebook. Cormac McCarthy couldn't write a more depressing sentence. How does that even happen? Do the ladies like his over-the-top weather hype and 4-pack of Miller Light Tall Boy abs, or did Abigail Ogle loan him some of her Twitter followers? Who knows.

Anyway, let's check out his special announcement. Maybe he's going to work for David Payne, has accepted global warming as a fact, or decided to get to the laundry part of GTL:

aron tuttle Fb announcement

That was his special announcement? That he had an idea? They must be few and far between. Hopefully it was a time machine that will allow him to remove weird selfies from the Internet:

aaron tuttle 4
aaron tuttle sad

I think we'd all endorse an idea like that.

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