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Gary England is going to be on The Colbert Report tomorrow…

I guess when the New York Times rips off an obscure blog and refers to someone as the "Weather God of Oklahoma City," people take notice. We have learned that Gary England, our Severe Weather Lord and Savior Emeritus, will be a special guest on tomorrow's Colbert Report.

And we're not joking. Here's the proof:

gary england colbert report

I think I need to put on a bicycle helmet, move to the center room of my house, and take a bath in a tub of hailstones just to make sure this isn't a dream. You have Gary England, my hero, being interviewed by Stephen Colbert, the host of my favorite TV show. Did the Make a Wish Foundation get me confused with somebody else? What's next? Is Kate Upton going to show up at my front door with vodka, cake and a DVD of the 2001 Orange Bowl? I hope so.

Outside of me, the only person more excited about this is Lord England. He's been in New York tweeting about it. He even provided a glimpse of his wardrobe:

Fun fact, those are the same cowboy boots Gary wore when he performed the Kay County miracles in 1967. They should probably be on display at the Oklahoma Historical Center for eternity. If you look at them closely, you can make out an image of the Virgin Mary and Jesus watching Gary England give the seven-day forecast.

Anyway, here are a few other thoughts:

• Even though this is awesome, I don't think it's fully registered in my mind quite yet. It hasn't even been a week since I held a vigil at my house to mark Gary's final broadcast. Who knew that he would be coming back to television so soon, and/or that Gentner parts and Val Caster's virgin blood could leave such a stain on carpet.

• Why is Gary even going on Colbert? Are they really going to discuss his new gig as Vice President for Weather Development? Even I think that sounds boring. I bet Stephen is going to try to steal Gary's secret powers, or convince his holiness to build him a machine that controls the weather...or a barometer.

• This is not the first time Gary had made Comedy Central's awesome block of comedy and satire. As we've mentioned in the past, the Daily Show featured his holiness in a segment from 2007. Hopefully tomorrow night's interview will be half as entertaining:

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