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Worst of OKC 2013: Worst Things About The Lost Ogle

Some people have said to me "The Lost Ogle sucks. I mean, my friends and I read it everyday but here's what's wrong with it," then they go into "praising" a site they admittedly check every day.

As it is the end of the Worst of OKC 2013, we all figured we'd take a look at ourselves and taking into account the most frequent complaints we get about the site, decided we'd let you vote on the worst thing about this site.

You're welcome.



"You're Too Misogynistic"

Sure, we countdown the Hottest Women in Oklahoma Media each year, post pictures of Emily Sutton in her bikini, and have a strange fascination with random hot women like that basketball coach's wife, but not because we think women are objects. We do it for the page views. You see, 99% of the people on the Internet are perverts and it's our way to feed the best. Good excuse, huh?



"TLO's Not As Good As It Used to Be!!!"

This is a common complaint from angry people who email us at 3:00am. Some people say this site got bad when Clark Matthews left. Others point to the day Patrick let me start writing for it. Regardless, I think this site has come a long way since it's first post. Is it because we can talk about our NBA team a lot or is it because I write for the site? You make the call. I'm gonna go with the inclusion of me.


fallin lankford kern

"You Guys Are Too Political"

Not all of us are "Derplahomans" but we're not all super liberal hippies either. We poke fun at those in power and it just so happens in this state, those in power are right-wing nut jobs. That's not an opinion. It's a fact.

I dated a girl once who said her friend didn't like me because he thought I was "too political" after I told him he was wrong in saying Sarah Palin would be elected because she's one of the smartest women on the planet. Then I realized why do I care if her friend likes me or not. I'm not in to threeways with other dudes.




There have been a lot of typos on this site. Don't believe me? Hr's one. Nd another. It's part of are charm, We can't be perfect all the time. BEsides, when's the last time you tried to write something on your iPhone with your goofy huge thumbs? That's whjat I thought. That's what I thawt.


joleen chaney emily sutton greek festival

Nothing! For an obscure local social blog, you guys are perfect.

That's so sweet.

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