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About the pics of wild topless OU sorority girls that’s made the Internet

12:09 PM EDT on August 22, 2013

revenge of the nerds omega moos

While hosting trivia at the 51st Street Speakeasy on Tuesday night, I received the following text message from a high-level Ogle Mole:

Heard about the naked kappa party yet?

Boy, it sure does suck being an obscure local social blogger. After quickly searching Google to see if "Kappa" is a fraternity or sorority, I replied:

I have not. What's it about?

The Mole said:

Apparently during rush, some kappas were partying naked and took pictures and now it's hit Facebook and gone viral...

It's not fake or anything. Supposedly boyfriend saw pic on his girl's phone, cropped her out if it, and sent it to one of the girl's exes.

At that point, I had to think of a classy way to ask someone to send me a pic of naked sorority girls:

I say this as an "online journalist" and not a "pervert," but can you send?

A couple of minutes later, Spencer and I were on stage at the Speakeasy staring at a pic of topless OU sorority girls with dirty words scribbled across their bodies. Then Spencer disappeared and I had to host trivia by myself.

Just like photos of attractive naked sorority girls tend to do, the pic has spread like wildfire. I think it's been texted to half the city. Yesterday, a censored version appeared on the national "let's try to extend high school out as long as possible" website Total Frat Move. Here it is:

scott hines

Okay, that's obviously not the naked sorority girl photo. It's actually KFOR "In Your Corner" journalist Scott Hines doing his best to make you feel as icky as possible. If you want to creep out your roommate, just print that picture and place it on his or her bed.

Here's an overly censored and cropped version of one of the photos. We did everything possible to hide the identity of the girls:

ou sorority girls hines

There you go. Now you can really creep out your roommate.

Out of all the pics floating around, that's all you're going to get from us. After some careful deliberation – and advice from several attorneys – we're not posting anything else. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Really, leaked pics of naked sorority girls? Hey, even we have standards. Other than making Spencer less productive at work, these girls didn't do anything wrong. They're not public figures, criminals or drunk at the State Fair. They're just innocent women who simply reenforced common sorority stereotypes and fantasies. If anything, they should be applauded by the community for convincing a new generation of young men to waste their parents money in college.

2. The naked sorority girls have very rich, angry and vigilant parents. As of this morning, Total Frat Move has already removed the photo and story from their website. If they caved to scary emails from angry lawyers from the Kappa sorority, you can bet we'd do the same.

In the meantime, we're going to try to figure out who released the pic. The guy who allegedly did it should probably be exposed. Maybe we should hire Scott Hines to investigate?

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