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The one where Mike Morgan’s wife emails us some vacation photos…

2:13 PM EDT on August 20, 2013

mike morgan 5 alive

In addition to the questions regarding Sarah Libby that we covered yesterday, we also received several emails from readers asking about the whereabouts of KFOR Channel 4's Mike Morgan. The bedazzled tie wearer has been off the air for a couple of weeks, and some readers didn't know if they should be happy or concerned.

Here are a few of them:

Subject: Mike Morgan

Just where has mike Morgan been?


Subject: Mike Morgan's absence

Just wondering why mike Morgan has been unseen these last couple weeks? Then this evening they have a new female weather women in addition to Emily. Could wishes really come true and Morgan has finally seen the light and given us all relief from his melodramatic weather casts and lack of sense in regards to what to do when a storm is heading your way. It has been so nice these last couple weeks without him. Please tell me it's not just a pleasant dream and next week I'm going to have to wake up.


Subject: Mike Morgan fired??

Have you noticed Mike Morgan is not on Channel 4. Did he leave? Who's the blonde girl?


Depending on your point of view, we have good news and bad news. Mike Morgan isn't going anywhere. He's just on an extended European vacation. We know this because his Ogle Mole of a wife Marla randomly sent us a few photos. Yep, Marla Morgan sent us photos...again. One of them even made me blush.

Check it all out:

ItalyAug2013 457


Subject: Italian history lesson for Patrick

This is Pompeii, Italy. It was buried by 25 feet of ash and lava when Mt. Vesuvius (background) blew its top off in 79AD. It has, in modern times been excavated and is a stunning Roman ruin site.

That's pretty cool. I'm a history buff and would love to visit Pompeii some day.

Also, I wonder what would have happened if Mike Morgan was Pompeii's High Weather Priest when the volcano was about to blow? I bet he would he have sent Reed Timmer in his reenforced lead chariot to the top Mt. Vesuvius to investigate. At the first sign of ash, Mike would probably have told everyone to flee to Herculaneum! Hehe, history humor.


ItalyAug2013 452

Subject: More of a lesson

This carving is on one of the main streets in Pompeii. It is "pointing" the way to the red light district!

Let it be known that on Monday, August 19th at 9:13am (CST), Mike Morgan's wife sent us a pic of a Roman dildo sign. And just to make things better and weirder, she followed it up with a Seinfeld reference:

For the directionally challenged, it's pointing up and to the left!

Outside of playing in a band with Christina Fallin or riding a luck dragon with Gary England, how do you top that?


Here's the final photo and email:

ItalyAug2013 488

Subject: XOXO

This concludes todays history lesson.

XOXO, Marla, from Capri, Italia!

That's a good photo. I wonder what raced through her mind as she gazed off into the distance. She was probably thinking "Damn, I forgot my Life Saver" or "Why's Mike wearing a cape?" Regardless, we should probably have a photo contest where people recreate this exact pose at the Lake Hefner Lighthouse.

Anyway, this concludes this week's history lesson with Mrs. Marla Morgan. I don't know about you, but I think we should hire her as a travel, leisure and phallic history correspondent. As payment, we can throw some Patricia's Gift Cards her way or something.

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