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The curious case of the yellow swimming pool…

11:38 AM EDT on July 25, 2013

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Look at the pool. Look how it shines for you and everything you do.

And it's all yellow!

Yeah, I just went there. It's one of those days.

Some practical joker with either a really large bladder or easy access to lots of harmful chemicals played a prank on a Ponca City family and turned their pool water yellow. It may seem kind of funny, but it's not a laughing matter. Unless, of course, you fly over it in a plane. Then it would be hysterical.

Here's the story via KFOR:

A family’s backyard swimming pool is vandalized and now the water is a brilliant yellow. Police say someone poured chemicals into the Rush family’s pool sometime during the night on July 12th.

“I thought someone was just playing a prank on us and had just dumped paint in our pool.” Nineteen-year-old Darian Rush said.

Those chemicals turned the water yellow. They also damaged the lining and the pump.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is currently testing the water to determine exactly what chemicals are in it and why it turned the water yellow.

“The agricultural department is not going to let her to drain this.” Grandmother Lorraine Calicchio said. “This is going to have to be hauled off after they figure out exactly what it is.”

On a positive note, at least you can now pee in the pool and nobody will notice. Granted, the water may dissolve your legs, but I guess that's the price you pay.

Actually, this really sucks for the family. Not only is this prank going to cost them some money, but there's a good chance no one will ever want to swim in that pool ever again. They could get Carl Spackler to clean it in his radioactive suit and put Lacey Underalls on the diving board and I'd still stay away.

Then again, it appears to be an above-ground pool, so I probably would have avoided it anyway. Seriously, is there anything worse than an above-ground pool? They're about as fun as bread. The only thing you can do in them is make a current or get bored. There's nothing more disappointing than being invited to a co-workers house for a pool party, and then learning when you arrive that they have an above-ground pool. It should be considered false advertising. It's like showing up to a pizza party and finding out the host ordered Little Caesars.

Anyway, KFOR closed the report with the typical call to action:

The Rush family said it is going to cost them thousands of dollars to drain the water and have it taken away, plus the cost of fixing the pool.

“She can’t afford to take them on a long vacation.” Calicchio said. “This is their vacation and its ruined for the rest of the summer.”...

Their mother, Lona Rush, is a single mother or three and works two jobs. If you want to help the Rush family by donating or hauling the yellow water away you can call the station at (405) 424-4444 during business hours.

Yeah, even though there are kids in this state who go to bed hungry each night, let's all pitch in and help this Ponca City family clean their swimming pool. It's the thing to do... and it's all yellow.

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