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Amanda Taylor is an American hero…

12:05 PM EDT on July 23, 2013

amanda taylor 6

In case you missed it, News 9 evening anchor Amanda Taylor saved a toddler from drowning this past weekend. It was all part of an investigative report at North Park Mall called "Grandmas who let their grandkids run rampant in public."

Because News 9 would never hype a story like that and milk it for all it's worth, here's the astonishing video: - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Soooooo, that's it? I commend Amanda for the heroic act and we're all happy the kid is fine, but isn't News 9 over-dramatizing this a tiny bit? It's not like the boy fell into the White Water wave pool. Plus, his grandma was right behind Amanda so the kid would have been saved anyway. In fact, this story is such a non-story that I can't believe Channel 9's exploiting it. Well, actually I can, but you get what I'm saying.

My favorite part (in addition to the kid being saved) is how News 9 tries to present the story like Amanda is modest and doesn't want the attention and praise. Here's the text that accompanies the video:

You know how some people are too modest to share something remarkable when it happens to them? That's the case with News 9's Amanda Taylor.

Yes, Amanda Taylor, a news anchor, former investigative reporter and person who let News 9 chronicle her pregnancy, is too modest to share this remarkable story. It probably should have read:

You know how some people are too modest to let their employer exploit a personal moment for ratings and profits? Well, that's not the case with News 9's Amanda Taylor!

Just watch Amanda's reaction before and after they show the video. When they lead into the clip, she tries really hard to act humble. This was the look on her face:

amanda taylor reserved

After the clip, we got this:

amanda taylor happy

And this...

amanda taylor excited 2

And this...

amanda taylor excited

She just couldn't hold in her excitement. I guess I can't blame her. When I was five years old I saved my little brother from being crushed by a television. True story. He was learning how to walk and pushed up against a small wicker chest. On top it was our TV. When he pushed against the chest, the TV began to tip over and was about to fall on top of him. I saw it happen in slow-motion, and somehow leapt from the couch and pushed the TV back in place before it crushed him. It was a big deal (and I remind him about all the time). My parents even threw a "hero" party for me. If you wonder why I'm so screwed up and demand attention, that probably explains it.

Anyway, I think I had a point to all that, but I don't remember what it was. I got lost reliving my heroism.

I guess we'll close this up with the following thoughts:

• We're happy the kid's fine and kudos to Amanda for saving the day. For the rest of this week, I expect her to dress up like Super Girl.

• I can't wait for the Amanda Taylor follow-up story that Channel 9 will air in 2023. I can hear the News 9 voiceover guy doing the promo right now: "10 years ago you witnessed his dramatic rescue. Now see what Fountain Boy is up to today!!! Remembering Fountain Boy! Tonight at 10pm."

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