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Holy Mackerel! KFOR is giving away a fishing trip with Emily Sutton.

If you've ever wanted to spend a boring afternoon with Emily Sutton, today is your lucky day. KFOR has announced a contest where you can go fishing with the two time Ogle Madness champ.


Let’s go fishing! Emily Sutton loves to fish and we are giving you a chance to go fishing with her. Watch NewsChannel 4 at 6:00 am to find out more. One lucky winner will win a fishing trip with our NewsChannel 4 meteorologist Emily Sutton.

Fishing sucks. It's about as fun as mowing the lawn, waiting in the doctor's office or watching your girlfriend play Candy Crush. That being said, who wouldn't want to spend a couple of hours in a pond hopper knocking back some cold tall boys with Emily Sutton. You could shoot the shit, identify cloud types, and maybe find out if she's ever going to get her own Dominator.

So how do you win this fishing trip of a lifetime?

There is a catch (get it?). You will need to send us a photo of you fishing, holding a fish, or in the great outdoors.

Uhm, what??? KFOR really wants user-submitted pics of viewers fishing, holding a fish or enjoying the great outdoors? I'm sure that's going to work out great. Just take a look at some of the pics from the Bare Knuckle Noodling Babes Facebook page:

A bare knuckle noodling babes 4

I'm pretty sure this girl was Miss Catfish Cabin 2009.


A noodling babe 2

I really think the tree is trying to run away from her.


A noodling babe 1

Because I fear for my safety and don't want to find myself trapped inside a cave at Lake Tenkiller, I'm not going to write anything snarky or mean about that nice young lady.


A bare knuckle noodling babes 12

I guess her boyfriend now understands why she smells know what...I'm not going there.


A bare knuckle noodling babes 10

Her friends call her "Hercufish."


A bare knuckle noodling babes 9

I think she just spotted a Golden Corral in the bushes.


A bare knuckle noodling babes 5

Okay, even the catfish would admit the girl in red is hot.


Yeah, I can't wait to see the results of the KFOR contest, or the look on Emily Sutton's face as she scrolls through the entrees. I bet she hear's banjo music.

That makes me wonder. Instead of asking viewers to submit pics of their own fish, they should ask for people to provide pics of Emily Sutton with a fish or fishies. Here are some examples:

emily sutton floating fish


joleen chaney emily sutton earthquake shark

emily sutton catfish

Yeah, that's a much better contest idea. Let's just make it one. Please send us your pics of Emily Sutton with a fish. Whoever sends us the best one will win a fishing trip with Bree Steffen and the kind old man who stabbed the people at Lake Thunderbird. Sorry, it was the best we could do. Just don't listen to loud music. Good luck!

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