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We will soon be able to bow to a Vince Gill statue in Bricktown…

vince gill

If we were playing an Oklahoma version of Family Feud and the question was "Name a Boring Oklahoma Celebrity," there's a good chance that Vince Gill would be the number one response. He's like the Kenny G or Michael Bolton of country music. He's talented, successful and his music is probably being played right now at your neighborhood Applebee's. Something about him just screams "missionary sex with eyes closed."

Anyway, it looks like we're honoring Vince with a gigantic bronze statue in Bricktown. Why does that seem fitting?


A sculpture of Vince Gill planned for Bricktown has the approval of the Country Music Hall of Famer and, perhaps more importantly, the endorsement of his mother.

Now, it's up to the Oklahoma City Council to decide whether to approve the placement of the likeness of the 20-time Grammy winner.

A donor group represented by civic booster Lee Allan Smith wishes to honor Gill, 56, who was born in Norman but grew up in Oklahoma City, with the bronze created by local artist Jack Nortz.

“He just was a really nice guy, told us great stories and stuff while he was here, so it was very fun working with him,” said Nortz, who is head of the sculpture department for Oklahoma City-based MTM Recognition.

The Oklahoma City Arts Commission approved the project plans Monday, but City Council approval is needed before the sculpture can be installed. That vote could occur as early as July 30, said Jane Abraham, Oklahoma City community and government affairs manager.

The proposed setting for the statue is 25 S Mickey Mantle Drive in Bricktown, an empty brick area west of the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

Wait. Jack Nortz? He's not the same guy who made the Sam Bradford Heisman Park trophy is he?

Locally, Nortz has created sculptures of Sam Bradford and Barry Switzer for the University of Oklahoma and Ray Ackerman for the Chesapeake Boathouse. In addition, he has crafted likenesses of hockey player Brett Hull for the St. Louis Blues and legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant for the University of Alabama.

His sculpture of Gill will be his first in Bricktown.

“I’m not a big country music buff, but I certainly admire someone who can write and sing and play,” Nortz said. “It was a real thrill to get to know him a little bit — and get to know his mother even more.”

Oh boy, this should be fun. Let's see what Bronze Vince looks like:

vince gill statue

All hail the Great Leader Kim Jong Gill!!! Thanks to his kindness we have enjoyable Christian and adult contemporary country music. Praise the Great Leader! Praise Him!!!

Seriously, the North Koreans couldn't make a better statue. Are we allowed to look it in the eyes? Can it be photographed? Do tourists have to kneel down and kiss the guitar before they ride on the Bricktown water taxi?

Anyway, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but that statue looks nothing like Vince. Just compare it to other pics I found on the Internet. We have...


Probably Takes Dates to Bricktown Brewery Vince



Guy Who Sings At Church Vince


Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 1.16.00 AM

Owned A Computer Before All His Friends Vince


Vince Gill

Gambling and Alcohol Problem Vince


vince gill young

Trying Too Hard Vince


mullet vince gill

Mullet Gill


vince gill 6

Married to Contemporary Christian Music Singer Vince


vince gill hovering

Where's My Hand Vince


Anyway, I wish they could have found a different person to make the statue. I'd suggest a local artist like Christina Fallin. She'd probably portray Vince as a French charlatan with knee high socks and a conductors jacket, but that would be fine. If the statue's not going to resemble its subject, it might as well be weird and goofy. People seem to like that.

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