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UPDATE: Some old man went all Gran Torino at Lake Thunderbird

geraldine and milo

The happy couple pictured above is Milo and Geraldine Box. Last Sunday, they were at Lake Thunderbird doing what stereotypical old people have been doing for generations. They were fishing, enjoying the scenery and complaining about the loud music young people play.

Finally, Milo had enough.


Milo Box and his wife, Geraldine, have been married for 48 years and love to fish at Lake Thunderbird.

They were both at Fisherman’s Point Sunday night when a violent fight started between 72-year-old Milo and a group of boaters in their teens and 20′s.

The couple’s peaceful getaway was disrupted by a boat with several people in it blaring offensive rap music.

After standing by for weeks, Milo finally decided it was time to confront them.

Once the boat docked and with the music still blaring, he walked over.

“I said ‘My wife has already spoken to you about turning the music down because it’s very offensive and very loud.” said Milo. “You’re disturbing the peace and the people’s peace and there’s young children that don’t need to be listening to that music.”

Yep, that's exactly how it happened. We know this because it's what Milo and his wife told us, and as you know, old people are trustworthy and never lie or bend the truth. Milo just peacefully walked up to the hooligans and politely asked them to turn down their music. That's when all Hell broke loose:

In the next moment, Milo was on his back with three men beating him over and over again.

His wife witnessed the attack and was the one who called for help.

Geraldine said, “When I seen him on the ground, I went to screaming ‘You’re killing him! You’re killing him! You’re killing him!”

No!!!! The rambunctious and unprovoked group of rap music listeners inexplicably attacked him! I wonder if it was Zero and his bunch. I hope Milo was okay.

Because Milo has PTSD, the next moments were a blur.

Milo said, “I don’t remember.”

The 72-year-old war veteran fought off the young men with a box knife he was carrying, sending two of them to the hospital.

Geraldine said, “He goes into a defensive mode when he feels threatened.”

Haha. That's great. You politely ask a group of young people to turn down their offensive rap music that's been bothering you for weeks, they allegedly attack you over it, and then yada yada yada, blah blah blah, you send two of the attackers to the hospital with the help of a box knife that you were for some reason carrying. And golly shucks, you can't remember any of it because you blacked out. That's fine, though, because according to KFOR you are the innocent victim.

The story continues:

Sore and bruised but still alive, the couple is now recovering at their home.

They say if they could do it over again, they still wouldn’t change a thing.

“Milo did exactly what I did when he asked them to turn the offensive music off. It was their actions that created the incident.” Geraldine said. “He’s very lucky to be alive. Very, very lucky; It’s a wonder they hadn’t killed him.”

Uhm, they wouldn't change a thing? So they're fine with Milo nearly "dying" and two people ending up in the hospital over some loud music? That seems about as extreme as getting in a fight over loud music. Something tells me Milo and Geraldine are Team Zimmerman.

Anyway, I don't know about you, but that whole story smells about as fishy as the water at Lake Thunderbird. I guess it could be true, but why do I feel like there's a little more to it? Why did the young people attack him? Why was Milo carrying a box knife? What's up with his earring and Hawaiian shirt?

Let's see what KFOR found out when they interviewed the young boaters, police and other witnesses:

No arrests have been made yet, but Cleveland County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating.

They’re asking for anyone who witnessed the attack to come forward.

As for Milo and Geraldine, they say this will not keep them away from their favorite fishing spot.

Oh, Channel 4 didn't talk to other victims or witnesses. They just went with the word of the old couple and reported it like it was fact. I would call that really bad journalism, but there is a chance that Channel 9 paid the other victims for the exclusive rights to the story, so I'll reserve my judgement.

Anyway, the video is located at KFOR. What do you think? Do you believe Milo and Geraldine's story or do you think there's more too it? And if there is more to it, what are the odds KFOR reports it? I'd say about .00438%.

7/15 Update:

After publishing this post, we learned that the two individuals Milo (who was beaten but doesn't appear to have any injuries) allegedly stabbed and sent to the hospital were 26-year-old Lindsay Bond and her boyfriend (age unknown) Jack Jackson.

An Ogle Mole sent me screenshots from Lindsay's Facebook page that contained images of their wounds. I'm not going to post the pics on here, but Lindsay's finger was nearly sliced off, and her boyfriend, who was hospitalized and seriously injured, has a stab wounds to his arm and possibly his torso.

Their injuries and interpretations of the attack totally contradicts what KFOR reported in it's one-sided interview and profile.

Here's a screenshot of a conversation the couple had the following morning:

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.13.53 AM

One of their friends saw this conversation and asked the obvious follow up question:


And hey, the police are involved. Thank God they have higher investigative standards than the local news:

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.24.01 AM

After reading all that, I reached out to Lindsay for a comment. Here's what she said [sic]:

"He (Milo Box) approached us as we were leaving, everything happened so fast. but long story short, he came after me, got me, then my bf jumped between us and he got him worse."

Here's the deal. I'm not trying to pick sides on this. For all I know, they could all by lying. I don't care. I'm just pointing out there are two very different interpretations of what happened last Sunday, and instead of pursuing the facts like a legitimate media outlet should, KFOR went with the sentimental, lazy, conservative-viewer captivating headliner. Hell, just look at what Bree Steffen tweeted on the 10th:

bree steffan tweet

Know what makes me sad? Shitty news reporting.

Anyway, now that I've done KFOR's work for them and discovered a reportable angle to the story, I expect a follow up report any day. I can already see "Heroic Boyfriend Saves Girlfriend from knife wielding lunatic" headline on Twitter.

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