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Aaron Tuttle is sad…

A couple of weeks ago, we found the following selfie on Aaron "The Weather Situation" Tuttle's Facebook page. In case you forgot, Aaron is a meteorological muscle man who sells cars on TV, once served as a weatherman for Channel 5, and now spreads weather hype, fear and global warming denial theories to his 35,000 Facebook fans.

aaron tuttle 4

Not to be outdone by that level of douchieness, Aaron has posted another troubling selfie to Facebook. This time he's showing his sensitive side:

aaron tuttle sad

No, Aaron Tuttle is not auditioning for the Blair Witch Project 7.

Based on the partial caption to the pic above, I guess he's getting divorced. If that's the case, why is he so sad? He should be crying tears of joy! Sure, divorce sucks at first because you still have to deal with crazy in-laws and having your little dog stolen by your mean ex-wife, but it's actually a positive experience. In fact, I think everyone should get married once just so they know how liberating, awesome and free it is to be your own boss and date young girls in their 20s.

All that being said, this divorce could be bad news for the single men of OKC. Based on emails I've received over the years, Aaron and his muscly arms are quite popular with the local ladies. His divorce, along with Jaime Cerreta's departure for Arizona and Lacey Lett moving to Tulsa, could lead to the The Weather Situation, Know Your Mo (Dave Morris) and The Skarkster (Brent Skarky) forming an entourage and cruising the seven clubs in one at City Walk. I can smell the Acqua di Gio from here.

Actually, that's probably worse for the ladies than the guys. I can already see some bachelorette party being crashed by Aaron talking about the dry line, Dave playing the keyboard and Brent performing magic. Maybe to help the cause I'll toss them some trivia questions. Girls love trivia. Trust me.

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