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Reed Timmer the Scientist is in a national All State commercial…

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All State has debuted a new commercial featuring Mike Morgan's bionic storm chaser "Dr." Reed Timmer the Scientist. The spot advertises the insurer's new mobile weather alerts, because that's apparently now a thing.

Here's the spot:

I know the ad is a national spot, but if you're depending on your insurance agency to alert you to severe weather, you probably live in a place that doesn't have severe weather. Then again, the All State alert system probably won't advise you to head south on I-44 either. Take that for what it's worth.

My favorite part of the commercial is when Reed fires up the XR150 tornado grounding  spike-bolts (I just made that up) from underneath the Dominator. Seriously, that's all it does? I thought it turned into a robot or was the arm of a Voltron or something. Of course, the XR150 tornado grounding  spike-bolts could also just be part of the world's worst hydraulic bumping system. The Dominator may be the lowrider G-Unit of storm chasing circles, but I don't think it's going to win any awards in front of Bobo's on Saturday night.

Anyway, congrats to Reed on getting the national ad. I heard through the Ogle Mole Network that David Payne auditioned, but was rejected because he just roamed around the set begging for All State to pick up his feed. Hopefully Reed doesn't get too big for this market and sticks around at KFOR for a while. He seems to be a pretty decent stormchaser, plus we'll get to add the word "Scientist" to version 2.0 of the Mike Morgan Drinking Game.

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