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Mailbag: Tunder Go, LIZ DUWICKIE and Memphis Hate Mail…

Before we begin, let's go over some notes:

1. Our 6th birthday is next week. Hard to believe, huh? I would suggest that you celebrate by grabbing dinner at Picasso Cafe, Deep Fork or Local, drinks at The Speakeasy, and then gambling at Lucky Star Casino. I know that's what Clark Matthews is going to do. Of course, that's only if you replace "Gambling at Lucky Star" with "Playing with toys from Patricia's."

2. If you have any complications from any of the activities above, visit OU Medical Center. If the complications were caused by you, contact Phillips-Murrah. If the complications were caused by someone else, contact Cunningham and Mears.

3. While you're at it, test drive a Volkswagen or Kia. Get your car loan from Quail Creek Bank.

Man, I nailed that. I think I'm going to celebrate by drinking with a couple of OKC Roller Girls later tonight.

To this week's mailbag. Everything, including my response, is [sic]:

Kendall writes:

Found this little gem from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (you know how that goes) on facebook. Do with it what you will. It totally and completely made my day when I saw it,and I immediately thought I should pass it along. I don't live in OK anymore, so I can't be sure which bakery this fine cake was from, but if memory serves me well, that's a walmart sticker on there. I only wish I had seen this in person. It would have been the best $8.48 I've ever spent. Also, I suck at attachments, so I hope I you actually get this picture....

tunder go

Thanks for the laughs!

I'm not sure how old the pic is or what bakery it's from, but that's kind of funny. In all fairness to the minimum wage employee who made it, little red squiggly lines don't magically appear when you misspell something with frosting. At least I don't think they do.

Then again, a Memphis fan could have made the cake...


Harper from Memphis writes:

Your blog sucks! Your team is AWFUL without Wesstbrooke and the Thunderwill be lucky to win anothe r game ! Kendreck Perkins is terrible. HAHA. Where's your blog post now???!!!! Go hide in your moms basement pussy!!!

Harper sent that email to me on Tuesday night after the Thunder game. I think it was in response to my take down of the Memphis attorney turned blogger Jonathan May. I always love it when I get emails from out-of-state folks or locals who are not very familiar with our website. Parker doesn't realize that a) I kind of agree with him, especially in regards to Perkins, and b) my Mom's basement comes equipped with a 40-inch TV and a cheese ball dispenser.




What happened to Liz, did she move?

For fun, I opened up my anonymous TOR browser and performed a Google searched for Liz Duweke. I used TOR in order to block Google mindbots from altering or customizing my search based on web history or location. Here's a screenshot of what I found:

liz dueweke google search

It's called Google, Tom. Learn how to use it.

On the topic of Mean Dueweke...


Jet City Jet writes:

(sarcastic tone) Thanks, OKC, for sending us Liz Dueweke. She says "hey" a lot during her unscripted happy talk with viewers and her co-anchor who doesn't say "hey" at all. I recently counted five "heys" in her opening seconds. So, hey, could y'all take her back? Please?

I kind of feel sorry for the people in Seattle. Because of that, I have one tip on how to watch her on television without going crazy. It's called the mute button.


Jim writes:

Look on Krystal Keith Facebook page her and Amanda Taylor took a picture and Krystal give her and koco 5 props!!!! Whoops Amanda is on 9

krystal keith amanda taylor

I bet Amanda Taylor cried after seeing that. I think the only reason she became a journalist was to interview and buddy-up with country music stars. Outside of having forced, slightly awkward conversations with Kelly Ogle, that's about all she does for News 9.

Since I have above-average intelligence and a little bit of creativity in my soul, I don't listen to country music or follow it's scene. Because of that, I'm just now learning that Krystal Keith is Toby Keith's daughter. That's all we need. I'm sure the heart-felt ballads she writes about using her father's fame, celebrity and industry connections to launch her own country music career are very inspiring.

"Red Solo Cup, I picked you up, and got a contract... a recording contract!!!"


"I got friends in high places, where the whiskey's top shelf and security's chasing my dad's fans away, I'll be okay.


Actually, that's all I got. Those are the only two country songs I know.


Anonymous writes:

Hey, guys... I wasn't going to send this, but then I realized: It's such a small thing that KOCO keeps screwing up that it's perfect for TLO.

In case you haven't noticed (like apparently, oh, 99.9% of the folks watching Good Morning America on Channel 5 as well as one Wendell Edwards), the little time & temp box KOCO floats over GMA has said 81 degrees in OKC all morning, every morning this week.

I bitched about it on Facebook on Monday, but the station remained oblivious. (sigh)

So, Thursday, tired of the 81-degree tease, I emailed newstips about it (it's the only email address on KOCO's website). Considering Wendell's reply below, I understand how this goes without being fixed. (double sigh)

BTW, no reply after I told him where to find it on the TV screen!

And this morning, it was back up to 81 lovely degrees in (somebody's mind in) OKC, according to the little box. But somebody did notice, and both the time AND temp vanished. Dunno if they ever did manage to fix it, as, well, I had to leave for work.

Enjoy the exchange below. And keep my name outta this! :)

Here is what Wendell Edwards asked her in his reply:

Where is the temp box?

On the App?

When I read that, I can't help but imagine Damon Lane having a panic attack in the weather center trying to update the little info graphic. I see him frantically flipping through a notebook Rick Mitchell left for him screaming "WHYYYYY! "WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!"

Also, isn't it kind of embarrassing that Channel 5 employees don't even watch their own channel? I don't really blame them, but you'd think they would have a little loyalty.


Dylan writes:


I've never written before, but I do read often and know that some in the media in our town look at your site as the Holy Grail of public opinion.

I know this because I've heard some of them talk about it when I serve them at my sandwich shop in OKC a time or two.

I thought I would write to you and ask you to take a look at what horrible reporting happened last night on News 9.

Here is the link to the story...

As a News 9 fan (I like Gary, Kelly and Amanda) and also a food service industry employee my jaw dropped to see Micheal Konopawsik confront an innocent service industry worker on camera in a "got ya" moment.

As someone who has been the only one who was a cashier and also had to make sandwiches at the same time becuase we were short staffed, I can understand the stress this employee was in not only in this alleged incident that the reporter claims took place earlier in the day or week or whenever we're supposed to take his word for it, but I know what it's like to try to deliver speedy service and yet be the only one in the store to do all the work.

Not only that, pretty boy Mike talked down to this poor man as if he was two years old and was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. I'm sorry if us lowly food service employees are too disgusting and stupid to be in the presenence of the All Holy Micheal Kon-not-report-worth-a-shit, but talking down to us when we make an honest mistake is bullshit, and worst of all there will be some consequences for this poor man who probably makes just a hair above minimum wage.

Not only do I have a problem with the reporter and his tone and approach, I have a problem with the "take my word for it this guy fucked up" approach.

How convenient for Kon-not-report-worth-a-shit that he remembered this poor guy not washing his hands when he has to do a health department story? It seems to convenient. It is possible that he even made it up just so he could look like a real reporter for a minute and help him come up with a story last minute.

I've seen people comment on your website before that the worst reporters at news 9 are pretty boy Mike and Havana Johnson. I don't see Johnson around anymore. Maybe they should follow through and get rid of Kon-not-report-worth-a-shit.

I also find it funny that he had no problem lifting up a high end restaurant by name and featuring them as high and mighty. Did they promise him free food? Is this pretty boy Mike friends?

He compared a worn down pizza shop to a place that charges at least 30 dollars a plate. That's like comparing the Habana Inn to the Skirvin. Give me a break!

You need to call his ass out for the sake of everyone in the food service business. Five bucks says Kon-not-report has never worked a hard day's labor in his life off camera and behind a counter.

Just cause we make food doesn't mean we are a bunch of dumbasses with no feelings. We're actually pretty cool when you treat us with some respect.

I also stopped reading about three lines into the email, but they guy was nice and complimentary so I decided to let him rant.


Tammie writes:

I find your organization's support for The woman who criticized a Thunder dancer very inappropriate and unprofessional. However, karma is a beautiful thing. Now the nation is OVERLY critical of not only her stupidity, but also her Borderline Personality Traits. Sad, very sad.

It looks like we figured out who made the "Tunder Go" cake.


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