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Mathias in Southern California made a THUNDER CHANT FIGHT SONG

During last year's playoff run, a bunch of boring white guys from Weatherford created a parody video called Beard Like Harden. The "Moves Like Jagger" spoof went virally locally, helped spur the Beardmania craze that hit Oklahoma City, and for better or for worse – I prefer "for worse" – became Berry's Boomers' unofficial fight song as they marched through the playoffs.

In case you forgot about it, here it is:

Sorry about getting that back in your head. The follow-up "Boring like Martin" wasn't nearly as popular.

Anyway, I bring all this up because it looks like we've found the replacement to Beard Like Harden. It's called THUNDER CHANT FIGHT SONG. It was written and performed by some caveman named Mathias. He's from Southern California. Here's the video:

That's pretty amazing. Here are two totally serious thoughts:

1. Can we replace that phony and staged "O-K-C! O-K-C!" chant with this song? What would you rather hear? The PA system blare (and a couple hundred people chant) our airport code over and over and over again, or 18,000 people singing in unison "Oklahomaaaa, Oh, oh, City Thunder... Hey! Hey!" The answer to that question is easy.

2. Can someone fly Mathias from Southern California out to catch a game? Lord knows he needs a free playoff shirt. We could put him down there with Brickman and the shirtless fat dude who wears a Mexican wrestler hat and have him distract opposing players as they shoot free throws. They could even have Mathias replace DJ Boom and lead the chanty to start the 4th quarter. That would be amazing!

p.s. - Before we do all that, can someone verify that Mathias is allowed to be within 1,000 yards of a school, park or government building? Hey, Hey!

(h/t DeadSpin)

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