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Mailbag: The “Hey, We Haven’t Been Receiving Your Emails For The Last Few Months” Edition

You may have noticed that our mailbag frequency has dropped over past few months. This is for a couple of reasons:

1. I'm lazy. In fact, I'm really lazy, but thanks to the private banking options offered by Quail Creek Bank, my banking needs are easily taken care of and I get to spend more time at Picasso Cafe eating delicious food! I'm really starting to master these blatant advertising plugs.

2. We've seen a noticeable drop-off in emails from Ogle Moles, readers and people who really dislike us.

Or so I thought.

A few days ago, I received this email from one of my friends:

I attached a couple pictures about what I sent earlier.

pope pat jones

I replied:

That's funny! I didn't get your other email, though? When did you send?

Wait for it...Wait for it...

I used the post thing on the website.

Uh oh. To make a long boring story short, it looks like 90% of the Ogle Mole dispatches sent to us via our "Contact Us" form since February were being sent directly to our Gmail Spam folder. I was able to save all emails that were less than 30-days old, but anything beyond that was lost. This sucks, because it means we've missed out on a bunch of news tips, death threats and photos of Emily Sutton.

Anyway, our friends at IThemes have fixed the problem (we think it was a Wordpress update issue) and installed a new contact form. If you sent us something in February and it's still topical, please re-send. And on a positive note, I now have a bunch of emails to choose from for this extra-long mailbag.


Karen writes:

The picture you are using of Senator Brecheen's wife is a photo that I took professionally. You are breaking copyright laws, I in no way have given permission for this photo to be used. Please take it down. If you do not I will pursue legal action.

This is what I think she's referring to:

josh brecheen crop

Three things:

1. We used that pic because it shows Senator Brecheen. Not his wife.

2. We believe "Fair Use" laws give us the right to mock your photo of the Senator. It's not like we're printing it on t-shirts or anything...yet.

3. Did you really just threaten legal action against us? Do you really think you're the first person to do this? Out of all the demographics that read this site, perverted liberal male attorneys from Oklahoma are probably in the top three. Hell, the ACLU is even suing the Governor's Office for open records on our behalf. I bet we could assemble quite the legal team to help protect our first amendment rights to provide commentary, opinion and openly mock photos of nutty elected officials and their hot wives.

All that being said, we'll stop using your photograph of Senator Brecheen. We'll use this one instead:

josh brecheen oklahoma


Matthew writes:

Dear Lost Ogle,

I grabbed a burger from Braum's this evening and noticed that for the first time in a while they had a new "limited time only" special burger, the California Burger.  This burger replaced the previous special burgers, the Nacho Burger, which had been on the menu since September, and the 4-Cheese Burger, which had been on the menu since June.  The Nacho Burger itself replaced the Blue Moon Burger, which had been on since the previous spring.

That being said, I was wondering if your Ogle-Mole Network can answer a few questions:

1.  What exactly is Braum's definition of "limited time" anyway?  (I mean, nine months seems a little bit more than limited.)2.  How long can we expect the California Burger to stay on the menu?3.  Will Braum's bring in a second special burger at the same time as the California Burger, and if so what are they planning?  Is it the return of a previous special, or something completely new?4.  When will the Nacho Burger return?  (That might be the greatest Braum's burger creation ever.)

It just wouldn't be a TLO mailbag without a Braum's question.

Considering Braum's appears to be stuck in 1995, I'd say six regular months equals one Braum's month. Therefore, in Braum's eyes, their exotic hamburgers really are available for a "limited time."

Also, thanks to my health issues, I haven't had a Braum's burger in quite a while. That's probably a good thing. I've now switched to their grilled chicken salad. For a fast food salad, it's not that bad. Plus, it's really difficult for them to screw up my order. I'm sure they'll eventually find a way.


Anonymous writes:

Subject: Mary takes $ from big tobacco???

I saw this and thought I'd forward to you for further inspection. Leave my name off as I'm a state employee and Mary's my boss :). It's from

tobacco money fallin

Basically, what the image tells us is that Mary Fallin has accepted over $10,000 from tobacco lobbyists since 2009, and that half of it is going to fund her 2014 re-election campaign. That's kind of odd, because Mary Fallin is apparently pushing for a statewide vote on a public smoking ban. If she's such a big anti-smoking advocate, why is she accepting money from big tobacco? That would be like us allowing Mary Fallin to place reelection ads on our website (which we would never allow). Pretty sad, isn't it, that obscure local social bloggers have higher standards and ethics than our state's C.E.O.


Keith writes:

I know that in the land of anchoring and reporting that people come and go….many times without warning. I know on Freedom 43 that Ian Parker up and left and now they are changing all kinds of things around. Just today, I read on Britnee Bryles FB page that she was leaving as well. So, is she actually getting a better job somewhere else, or is she just tired of the people at channel 4? I always wonder what happens to people when you see them one day…then they are gone the next. Do these anchors/reporters actually get along with each other, or is it a put-on for the audience?

First of all, since Oklahoma City is a medium-size market, we get a lot of turnover in the news media. It comes with the territory.

Regarding people getting along, I'd say it's just like any other workplace or industry. Some people like each other, while other people don't. From the Moles I talk to, I'd say the most disliked person in the TV media is Dean Blevins. Even by TV news standards he suffers from a big ego. I guess that's why everyone steals his Smart Ones.


Chace write:

Well we should all know by now that freedom 43 is not a network affiliate anymore, instead Ksbi 52 took freedom 43's network affiliation from them and freedom 43 is no longer the my network tv affiliate, Ksbi is no longer independent they are now called myKsbi 52. I thought you guys would like to know that.

Serious question. Does anyone ever watch KSBI or Freedom 43? I forget those channels even exist. The only time I watch them is never. Does anyone have their ratings and demographics? I always assumed they were only watched by old people and Vince Orza. Based upon the volume of emails we get about them, maybe I'm wrong.


Max writes:

Ran across this pic of kfor weatherguy Troy [Christensen], thought it was kinda funny since he has the hair of a 4-year-old boy now all slicked to the side.

The girl with him is his wife now. Seems to be from college.

Troy Christensen

Wow, in case you care, this is what Troy looks like now:

troy christensen

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have crazy-haired Troy give the weather report than weirdo comb-over Troy. I also want to see him chug a Bud Light while giving the Seven Day forecast. Wouldn't it be cool to see your weatherman acting like a normal human? If anything, it would make his forecast more entertaining. Also, for the sake of humanity and science, can we force Troy and Ashton Edwards to mate and have at least one child? That's all we ask. Just one child.


Sarah writes:

Am I the only person in OKC who finds the allegedly ad-libbed InterUrban commercial on the Sports Animal insensitive and/or offensive? Robert Rosser and Dean Blevins are going to ad-lib a commercial and Rosser suggests that the way to peace in the Middle East is through "bacon diplomacy." Yes, BACON. BACON will solve all the problems in the Middle East...where most people are Jews and Muslims WHO DON'T EAT BACON. I keep expecting Dean to say something like "Um...bacon? You do know Jews and Muslims don't eat bacon right, Rosser?" But then again, I think that might take the commercial in a completely new and even scarier direction.

Now, I'm a huge bacon fan and think bacon can solve most of life's problems but somehow I think using it as an olive branch in the Middle East won't work.

What say you, Lost Ogle?

I find the Deano and Rosser commercials insensitive and offensive because they are annoying and terrible. Just like most content on the Sports Animal, I tune them out whenever I hear their voices. They make the Mackie McNear's Steak House ads with Craig Humphreys seem Addy worthy.


Derek writes:

Hi Patrick and Team,

I grew up in the OKC area (won't say which suburb because you all are so judgy on that subject) and graduated from OU two years ago now. I recently moved to Dallas-- booo, Texas, I know-- for a job, and find myself still reading TLO on an almost daily basis (I did when I lived abroad all last year, too, so know you've got global reach). I'm a huge fan, but I'm feeling this isn't healthy, seeing as how I know almost nothing about what's going on where I actually live.

My question is this: do you know of/have you heard of/have you ever been compared to a publication in Dallas? Moving from a city with a news source like TLO leaves a TLO-shaped hole in my local news consumption. Being new in town down south, I'm looking for an outlet to get me up to speed on which girls with crazy colored hair I should be loudly whispering about when I'm out getting my drank on and I see her across the bar. Any tips would be appreciated!

Love what you do, miss OKC.

The only Dallas blogger I've heard of chopped of her face in a propeller blade. That's probably not a good sign. Outside of her, I don't know of any. That being said, I'm not sure if any town outside of New York, Chicago or L.A. has an independent obscure local social blog like The Lost Ogle. Maybe we should franchise it out. Then maybe we could actually get rich doing this.


Brian asks:

Not sure if you know this yet but after all the stuff with Traber and the Twitter stuff but he has also changed his number after having the same one for a long time!

I wonder if they are connected?

Dammit. Our autographed Jim Traber phone number baseball just lost a lot of its value.


This isn't an email. It was a comment left by some dude on the Al Gerhart bully post. I didn't approve it, but thought I'd share.

David writes:

You guys are ALL a BUNCH of IDIOTS!!!!! Do, you not even GET the REAL POINT of this ISSUE??? YOU ALL are a BUNCH of DUMBA$$es!!! SO, WHAT?? A dude, wrote that to some F@?!ing politician?!?!? WHO GIVES A F@?! You ALL OBVIOUSLY have NOTHING BETTER to do than to READ NON ESSENTIAL POINTLESS GARBAGE on the internet, and you’ve MISSED the WHOLE point COMPLETELY!!! I DON’T GIVE a F@?! about that bald dude, or the politician’s LOVE life!!! WHAT I give a F@?! about is the agenda at hand!!! Do ANY of you EVEN know what agenda 21 is??? DUMBA$$es… A curtailing outline for the preservation of natural environment, that outlines the extinction, population control, and genocide of the AMerican people!!! Do you F@?!ing IDIOTS even have a DAMN F@?!ing clue what you are SOILING your noses into???? Yah. I DIDN’T F@?!ing think SO… DUMBA$$eS. I DON’T GIVE a F@?! what the bald dude said, or how faithful the politician has been!!! The point is, we CANNOT STAND for the United Nations to soil it’s nose in our lands, with their agenda 21, and other RElated BULLSH@! You F@?!ing idiots will laugh your way RIGHT to the GRAVE! ALL the way till they KILL you ALL OFF. WAY to GO. BE IGNORANT. I APPLAUD you. The American people. BRAVO. THANKS for giving WAY to the COMING and IMPENDING American Genocide. F@?!ing IDIOTS!!!

THANK you for READING The Lost Ogle everyone. Have a GREAT F@CKING weekend.

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