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Ogle Madness VI Final Four: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (1) Kevin Durant

A lot's changed since Emily Sutton beat Kevin Durant s in the Ogle Madness V Championship Game. The OKC Thunder had yet to play in the NBA Finals, David Payne still wore Chinese made KFOR windbreakers, and I had a job. Now look! Everything's different except for this Ogle Madness rematch! It's like Rocky II only Emily Sutton is way better looking than Stallone and Carl Weathers isn't involved. God, I love Carl Weathers.

It'll be interesting to see if the star of Thunderstruck can get revenge on the star of sunshiny mornings and clouds in the sky. Emily Sutton has won every Ogle Madness battle she's been in, by a lot. Can she repeat the defeat dolled out last year? Will Kevin Durant be the Thunderstruck of Ogle Madness contenders? Only you can decide! Well, you and whomever else votes while sitting outside an IHOP using free wi-fi from their car. So from the looks of it, you, me and about six other people.


(1) Emily Sutton vs. (1) Kevin Durant


(1) Emily Sutton

Conference: Past Ogle Madness Champs; Hot Meteorologists

Who She Is: KFOR Weather Person Non-Male Division

Biggest Strengths: Has managed to not jump ship to Channel 9; won last year’s Ogle Madness

Biggest Weaknesses: Now that she’s following both @spencerlenox and @joeldavidd on Twitter she’s managed to eliminate her weaknesses. Well played, Sutton. Well played.

Last Game: Defeated (2) Good Russell Westbrook 475-241


Kevin Durant

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Oklahoma City Thunder Superstars

Who He Is: Forward for the OKC Thunder; One of the biggest names in the NBA.

Biggest Strengths: Is to basketball what The Lost Ogle is to Obscure Local Social Blogs.

Biggest Weaknesses: Thunderstruck is to movies as The Lost Ogle is to Ryan Tate’s ego.

Last Game: Defeated (3) Bibi Jones 364-240


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