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Open Records: Governor Fallin’s Chief of Staff complained that a State Senator was staring at her chest…

5:05 PM EDT on March 29, 2013

Chief of Staff Denise Northrup (Oklahoma Gazette)

Earlier today, the Governor's Office released nearly 50,000 emails as part of an open records request we filed back in December. Although it's taken them awhile, I guess we should thank them for the release. That's because we're already finding gems likes the one below, where Governor Fallin's Chief of Staff Denise Northrup complains to Policy Director Katie Altshuler that State Senator Eddie Shields was staring at her breasts during a meeting about tort reform.

Check it out the exchange after the jump.

It started off innocently enough. Communications Director Alex Weintz was complaining about some phone call by a guy named Faught:

Denise Northrup Eddie Fields Breast email 5


Denise then forwarded the email to Katie Altshuler:

Denise Northrup Eddie Fields Breast email 4


To which Katie replied:

Denise Northrup Eddie Fields Breast email


Then Denise complained:

Denise Northrup Eddie Fields Breast email 2


Katie's reply was awesome.

Denise Northrup Eddie Fields Breast email 3


Well, at least we know why Corporate Immunity, errrr, I mean tort reform passed so easily. For what it's worth, here's a pic of Merv the Perv (aka Eddie Fields):

eddie fields

I don't want to make light of this situation. It's B.S. that women have to deal with pervs like this in professional situations. You should only stare at women's chest when you're either a) at a bar, the beach, Hooters, Twin Peaks, trivia night, a strip club or Thunder game, or b) if you're good at doing it without them noticing.

Anyway, we'll have more on the open records request saga and a bunch of other stuff on Monday. It should be fun. Now I'm going to go to Happy Hour and stare at my Hooter waitress' chest.

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