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Ogle Madness VI: First Round, West Region (Upper Bracket)

8:00 AM EDT on March 21, 2013

Here's your match up for this morning!

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Louis CK Bombing Jokes

(8) Thunder Girls vs. (9) Barons Ice Girls

(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Vanity Perkins

(5) Blake Griffin vs. (12) Lucy Sparkles 

So start your Friday eve off right and vote then when you hang with KD tomorrow night you can tell him you voted for him. He won't care, but at least you can tell him about it.

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Louis CK Bombing Jokes

Kevin Durant

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Oklahoma City Thunder Superstars

Who He Is: Forward for the OKC Thunder; One of the biggest names in the NBA.

Biggest Strengths: Is to basketball what The Lost Ogle is to Obscure Local Social Blogs.

Biggest Weaknesses: Thunderstruck is to movies as The Lost Ogle is to Ryan Tate's ego.


Louis_CK_oklahoma comments

(16) Louis CK Bombing Jokes 

Conference: Things Blown out of Proportion

What It Is: A Joke Louis CK made six years ago.

Biggest Strengths: I didn't tell that joke.

Biggest Weaknesses: He probably shouldn't have either, but he apologized



(8) Thunder Girls vs. (9) Barons Ice Girls


(8) Thunder Girls 

Conference: Dancing Hot Girls From The NBA

Who they are: Giggly Hot Girls Who Probably Don't Want to take a Picture With You

Biggest Strengths: Their awesome personalities. I'm kidding. It's their assets *wink*.

Biggest Weaknesses: You don't get one with the price of a season ticket.


(9) Barons Ice Girls

Conference: Things I Didn't Know/Care Exist

Who they are: Hockey cheerleaders?

Biggest Strengths: Don't have to deal with the rigorous schedule of an NBA cheerleader or a sold out arena full of screaming fans.

Biggest Weaknesses: You get two with the price of a season ticket.



(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Vanity Perkins


(4) Mike Gundy 

Conference: OSU Cowboys Coaches Who Scream at Jenni Carlson

Who He Is: OSU Head Football Coach

Biggest Strengths: Getting OSU further than they've been in a long time.

Biggest Weaknesses: Secretly hates the color orange and mustachioed, big headed, cowboys.



(13) Vanity Perkins

Conference: NBA Wives

Who She Is: Wife of OKC Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins

Biggest Strengths: Tells the truth about Edmond

Biggest Weaknesses: Not the best person to take to a nail salon.



(5) Blake Griffin vs. (12) Lucy Sparkles 


(5) Blake Griffin 

Conference: NBA Basketball Players from Oklahoma City

Who he is: NBA Slam Dunk Champ and All-Star

Biggest Strengths: Dunking and starring in commercials

Biggest Weaknesses: Playing any form of defense.


lucy sparkles

(12) Lucy Sparkles

Conference: Coyote Grub

Who It Is: Lost Kangaroo

Biggest Strengths: Hopping.

Biggest Weaknesses: Not hopping fast enough.



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