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The one where David Payne thinks we’re a leprechaun…

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It's been a few months since David Payne left Channel 4 to be Gary England's severe weather deity in waiting at Channel 9. So far, it doesn't appear the new gig (and larger paycheck) has changed the guy. He's still the same casual, laid back, chatty weatherman we've all grown to moderately enjoy. When May gets here, we fully expect him to drive into a tornado and end up in heaven or Oz.

If you need proof, check out this clip of him presenting the seven-day forecast on News 9 at 10:00pm. He yucks it up with Kelly and Amanda and suggests that we may be a computer animated leprechaun.

Wait. What?

From YouTube:

(Update: He did it again!)

To answer David's question, yes, people still smoke things out of pipes. The catch is it's usually not tobacco.

Anyway, I guess that's pretty cool. We've been called plenty of things worse than a leprechaun. Hell, I consider it a compliment. I'm Irish, enjoy gold, and am a borderline alcoholic. I'm also the former roommate who picks out all the marshmallows in the box Lucky Charms. At least I think those things are marshmallows. I'm not sure.

Also, this isn't the first time a Channel 9 weatherman has given us a shout out. Here are some other examples:





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