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KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it’s okay to rape a child…

Yesterday, another news story broke about another teacher/coach being caught in another inappropriate relationship with another underage student.

Yes, sad and disgusting news stories like that are becoming far too commonplace in Oklahoma. And KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it should be illegal.

From their Facebook Page:

Yeah, that's not fake or Photoshopped. KFOR really just asked on their Facebook wall if it should be illegal for a 23-year-old softball coach to f*ck one of his 14-year-old students. The answer, in case you're wondering, is "Yes."

Seriously, I could possibly see the debate if the girl was 17, looked 24, and had a fake ID. Winger did write a song about that, but 14??? Not only is that rape, but it's also sick, gross and disgusting. The girl could still be in middle school. Think about that. Middle School.

Anyway, you kind of have to wonder what other great questions KFOR is going to ask on their Facebook page. Should drunk driving be illegal if you only had beer and took the back roads? Does cracking down on the sex slave trade hurt small businesses? Should it be illegal to not attend church? Based on the ignorance of the post above, none of those would surprise me.

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