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Mailbag: Oppressed with the Ogle boys

2:55 PM EST on November 16, 2012

It's been a fun week. I've had one of those colds / sinus infections / bronchitis / walking pneumonia / I May Die Soon chest and nasal congestion infections for about a week now. Damn it sucks. But I'm an American male with crappy private health insurance, so you won't see me going to the doctor. I'll just complain about it on my blog.

That being said, this week really was a good week! I think we had a good mix of content, plus I bought tickets to see JEFF MANGUM(!!!) play in Bricktown in January. If that name doesn't ring a bell, he's the person who's behind Neutral Milk Hotel. If that band name doesn't ring a bell, move along and continue listening to bad boring music. If you just yelled from the desk in your office "WHAT THE HELL, JEFF MANGUM IS PLAYING IN BRICKTOWN?!?" then we just bonded. Unfortunately, the show's already sold out. I'm glad I have tickets.

This week's mailbag is once again sponsored by our friend's at Patricia's. Picking a favorite advertiser is like choosing your favorite child, food or Thunder Girl, but I must say that I'm very proud to have an advertisement on our site that says "Wishing You a Happy a Sexy Thanksgiving." That's pretty much how I'm going to end every phone call or email for the next week.

Anyway, whoever sends us the best email will win a $25 Gift Card to Patricia's. How do we determine the best email? You vote for it. Check them out after the jump:

Anthony writes:

Quick question, Does Larry Nichols have a son? If so, with the fact that Mr. Nichols has built a giant tower and basically rebuilt downtown; is there a possibility that his son is, or has the potential to be...Batman?

I did some rudimentary Googling and couldn't find out if Mr. Nichols — that's what we now call him at The Lost Ogle — has a son, but I'm just going to assume he does. He's a rich energy magnate. I think Christian law require they have at least two or three kids.

If my assumption is correct, I guess there is a chance that his son could be Batman. If so, maybe the Fake Morgan from the "Red Dirt Ready" commercials could be his Lucius Fox.


Jed says:

Fire in Norman right now...

Serious question for the Normanite Ogle Moles? Is it common for the city to burn trash in parking lots along Main Street? If so, I guess we finally know why Norman has such a strange odor.


Mary asks:

My mom is 86 and she is oppressed with the ogle boys. She wants to know how tall they are and who is the oldest......

Holy crap! Your 86-year-old mother is being oppressed with the Ogle brothers?! Why are we just now hearing about this? Did they ask her who lived in the castle at the top the hill? Did she try to explain to them what it's like to live in an autonomous collective?

Anyway, we actually had a Lost Ogle Q&A with Kelly Ogle a couple of years ago. From what I have gathered, Kevin is the tallest, oldest and most likely a descendant of Zuess.


Suzanne wants to know:

Does anybody really like the singing Thunder car commercial? Am I the only one who thinks its obnoxious?

You know, when compared to the other commercials show during Thunder games, it's really not that bad. My only complaints are:

Silent Perk. It was funny and original in the milk commercial, you know, the first time it was done. Come up with something original.

Nick Collison's shirt. It looks like something you'd buy at Burlington. He needs to have his groupies pick out better clothes.


Chim asks:

Which local celebrity would you like see fight Kendrick Perkins?

Geeze, I'm really torn on this. There are several directions to go.

The easy choice is Regular Jim Traber, because that would result in the end of the Dominant Duo, Total Dominance Hour and those annoying Mazzio's commercials. Plus, I'd finally be able to kick Cardboard Jim out of my house.

The only problem is that fight would be too one-sided. I think a good alternative would be Perk vs. the Indian midget rappers Lil Mike and Funny Bone, because let's be honest, who wouldn't want to see Perk fight a couple of Indian midget rappers.


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