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Meet Erielle Reshef‏. She’s rich and attractive.

If you're one of the few people who admit to watching Channel 5 on a regular basis, you may have noticed a new pretty face in their lineup. The face belongs to Erielle Reshef. She's an Oklahoma City native and finishing up her first week at Oklahoma City's ABC affiliate. She comes to KOCO after being an anchor / reporter for IBA News in Isreal

From a November 5th update to her Facebook Page:

Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow I begin a new and exciting chapter in my career as Reporter/Anchor for KOCO Eyewitness News5 in OKC, OK.

I am unfortunately unable to make changes to this account due to the high volume of followers (of course I'm truly grateful for that) so please follow me on Twitter @ErielleReshef.

I plan to set up a new updated Facebook page ASAP. Be sure to stop by. I'll post on this site to let you know where to find me!

Wow. When it rains, it really does pour. About a month ago we landed Miss Wisconsin at KSBI, and now we got a hot Oklahoma Jewish girl at Channel 5. That's quiet a unique combination. It's like cheese latkes or something, which I hope is not offensive. I ran it by three of our Jewish Moles — Phil Bacharach, Ryan Drake and Mordechai Schechter (or as they are collectively called, the "Mews") — and two of them said it was a perfectly fine reference. One even mentioned that he'd like to take Erielle and some Matzah balls and do you know what with them. I don't even know what that means!

In addition to being attractive, there's a good chance Erielle is wealthy. Her dad is prominent OKC fertility guru Dr. Eli Reshef. He's the guy that helps insane people intentionally have children. Thanks to him, News 9 got a good year of solid material from Amanda Taylor's pregnancy. He is also one of those hardcore tort reform (a.k.a. corporate immunity) guys. Take that for what it's worth.

Unfortunately, Erielle is married. Or at least we think she still is. According to the OKC Friday, she's married to some corporate douche from San Francico named Daniel Hans Frankenstein. I'm not making that up. Daniel. Hans. Frankenstein. I heard they met when he saw Erielle throwing flowers in a pond. And wouldn't having "Hans" or "Frankenstein" as part of your legal name be a deal breaker?

"Thanks for the drink. What's your name?"

"Daniel Hans Frankenstein."

"Thanks again. Have a nice night."

Anyway, we'd like to welcome Erielle back to OKC. We hope she enjoys KOCO, wears a bikini and spends time at the lake. Also, lets also hope she's not rude and catty like Mean Dueweke. Here are some more pics for you:








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