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Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn are honorary hosts of a fundraiser for the “Legitimate Rape” guy

10:48 AM EDT on October 1, 2012

Maybe we're getting immune to the crazy, but it seems like Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn have been kind of quiet recently. Sure, Coburn recently made news for blocking 9/11 museum funds and the veteran's job bill, and Jim Inhofe is still crazy old Uncle Inhofe, but other than that, they've been well-behaved.

Okay, so maybe we are getting a little too immune to the crazy, but can you blame us? For the past eight years, anytime the national media mentions a nutty Republican senator, there's a good chance they're talking about one of our guys. Their antics have become so routine that you just stop noticing. Hell, you sometimes even trick yourself into liking them.

In a way, our two Senators are like our state's roads and bridges. You know they suck, but they've become such a part of your routine that you stop noticing. You even think things are getting better when you drive on a new highway and pass underneath a psychedelic bridge from the future. But then one day your car lands in a massive pothole or gets struck by falling debris from an overpass and you're reminded about how bad things really are.

Well, Senator Coburn and Inhofe are having a massive pothole/falling debris moment. They are going to be honorary hosts of a fundraiser for Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. From Politico:

Lightning-rod Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin is getting a fundraising assist next week from four members of the U.S. Senate, according to an event invitation a source shared with POLITICO.

Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, are listed as honorary hosts of a Wednesday reception for Akin in Washington. The requested donation is $2,500...

Democrats have indicated that they will hammer any GOP official or candidate who associates himself with Akin, so it's not a surprise that the four senators involved in this event are in some of the country's safest Republican states.

Hard to believe, isn't it, that the guy who writes books about global warming being a hoax — and his friend who's advocated the death penalty for doctors who perform abortions — would both support a Senate candidate who thinks the female body has an on/off switch for cases of "legitimate rape?" That's as shocking as seeing a bird fly or watching a bunch of fat people waiting in line for food at Ted's.

Anyway, I can't wait to see how our state's Democrats (all three of them) "hammer away" at our two Senators. There's really nothing they can do. Inhofe and Coburn are invincible. They could get caught trying to cover up shady affairs or terrorize airport workers and still easily be reelected. Sad, isn't it?

Also, I'm sorry for taking a shot at the people who wait in line to eat at Ted's. The food's not terrible, but waiting in line for average Tex-Mex is one of the few things in life that baffles me more than how someone could vote for Inhofe or Coburn.

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