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Mailbag: Please make fun of the Hobby Lobby morning-after pill story

8:30 AM EDT on September 14, 2012

Elinor Donahue 10th Anniversary of the Archive of the American TV held at the Crustacean Restaurant Beverly Hills, California – 04.06.07 Credit: (Mandatory): Nikki Nelson / WENN [Photo via Newscom] wennphotos588528_archive_of_american_tv_04_wenn1355626.jpg

I'd like to welcome a new sponsor to the Friday mailbag. It's Patricia's Gift Shop! They have two locations in Oklahoma City, four in Tulsa and many other stores located throughout the US. They offer the types of gifts and novelties you would find on top of Marisa's nightstand or locked deep inside a chest in Clark Matthews' closet. Sultry, huh?

Anyway, Patricia's is going to give a $25 Gift Card to whichever Ogle Mole sent us the best email this week. So think of that when you vote!

To the emails:

Matt asks:

In Spencer’s column about the Prohibition Room he mentioned the water in Norman tasting terrible. I agree with him 100-percent. Why does it taste so repugnant?

I have a couple of theories:

1. The people at Culligan secretly pump thousands of gallons of dirt, sewage and garbage into Norman’s reservoir each night in order to increase their sales.

2. The city's reservoir is Lake Thunderbird, which I believe is nicknamed Lake Dirtybird for a reason.

Once again, those are just theories, but I would bet one of them is true. Maybe some scientist can explain it to us.


Sean asks:

Please, please, oh God please, make fun of the Hobby Lobby morning after pill story. I would do it, but you have a much bigger platform than my 50 Twitter followers and 130 Facebook friend.

What I don't understand is how Hobby Lobby can be content with selling good Christian people shitty frames and allowing gay cruising in their bathrooms, yet they have a problem with their employees being insured for morning-after pills. It just doesn't make sense. I think the only reason they filed the lawsuit was with the hope it would produce a Chick-fil-A bump. I bet they are thinking that liberals will boycott the store out of anger and that Mike Huckabee will organize a National Scrapbooking Day as a response.

If you want to read a good post about the Hobby Lobby lawsuit, check out this story at Jezebel. It's spot on. In the meantime, I guess I'm going to go look for my hidden vagina, because in case you didn't notice, I just linked to a story on Jezebel. That's as bad as writing about tainted tampons.


Josh writes:

Earlier this morning I stumbled across and episode of The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network. It was horrendous. Since she’s always been the salt to you guy’s pepper, when should we expect a TLO cooking show.

I agree, it’s pretty bad. In fact, it probably trumps Saving Grace as the worst fictional TV program to be set in Oklahoma. I used the word “fictional” because Ree's pioneer woman ranch mom lifestyle is about as authentic as a Coach bag at the State Fair. Crap. I just made a knock-off purse reference! Damn you, Jezebel!

Anyway, I’m not sure if we’ll ever have a cooking show. That would be pretty sad. It would basically be me showing people how to microwave leftovers, grill brats and put their own favorite dressing on a Subway sandwich. However, we do need a TV show. Maybe a local version of the Man Show or something would work. I'd watch that.


Kyle asks:

No  mention of James Hardens strip club video?

I embedded the video he's referencing below. It's posted on YouTube, so it should be safe to watch a work. The again, this REM video with weird topless girls dancing is also on YouTube, so maybe that doesn't mean anything:

To answer your question, the reason I didn't write about this is because I don't think it's a big deal. He's a young self-made millionaire making it rain at a strip club. I don't have a problem with that at all. Plus, I kind of have a man crush on James Harden. Let him have some fun.


CL writes:

I finally figured it out - Amanda Taylor (kwtv) looks & acts like Elinor Donahue from the old TV shows "Father Knows Best" & "The Andy Griffith Show"

Google them & compare for yourself.

CL, I took your advice and googled Elinore Donahue. This is what I found:

They're clones, I tell you. Clones!


Anyway, vote for your favorite email below. Remember, the emailer who receives the most votes wins a $25 Gift Card to Patricia's Gift Shop!

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