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Wayne and Michelle Coyne have separated…

I guess we know why Wayne Coyne no longer tweets naked pictures of his wife.

After a 25-year relationship, we've learned through the Ogle Mole Network that the first couple of Oklahoma City's creative class - Wayne and Michelle Coyne - have separated. The separation comes just weeks after they were honored as Urban Pioneers by the Plaza District.

The split is not that big of a surprise to those who are close to the couple. Apparently, the two have had their problems over the past couple of years. Those problems have stemmed from Wayne's transformation from a fun-loving, goofy creative genius who writes and performs psychedelic pop songs into a sex-obsessed creepy old man who hunts down 21-year-old groupies in the Oklahoma City bar scene.

The final straw came when Wayne allegedly got seriously involved with a young bosomy girl he met at the OKC hipster hive known as Kamp's. The girl's name is Katy or Easy or Homewrecker or something like that. I guess Wayne really likes the chick, but it didn't prevent him from performing an obviously sad and sappy relationship song for Michelle on The Colbert Report last week:

Yeah, that's obvious. If you need more proof, just check out the opening lyrics:

You and meWere both so fucked upYou're fucked up in the good wayAnd I'm fucked up in the badYou and meWe thought we were so smartWe thought we could outrun themBut they had robot dogsYou and meWe're both in the same holeBut you dream of ways of leavingAnd I get used to the cold

Then again, maybe it's not so obvious. Anyone else notice the big green neon K on Wayne's guitar? Remember, the name of Wayne's mistress is apparently Katy. Maybe it's coincidence, but could it be that Wayne was trying to apologize to his wife and give a shout-out to his mistress all at once? If that's the case, do you realize that Wayne Coyne is an incredibly fucked up asshole? That he has the most beautiful two face?

Seriously, what a sad pathetic old man. If you're going to leave your wife for some groupie, at least be classy about it. Don't try to rub it in. That's more disappointing than Christmas on Mars. It's as lame as wearing the same gray suit for 15 fucking years.

All that being said, I don't think Wayne is taking the split very well. I saw him at The Blue Note on Saturday night. Perhaps my knowledge about all this stuff influenced my observations, but the guy looked defeated. He wasn't the typical whimsical and outgoing narcissistic showman that he pretends to be when you see him out and about. He was quiet, reserved and behaving like his wife of 25-years had just left him.

At one point near closing time, he sat alone in a booth near the back corner of the venue and fiddled with his phone. He had a blank, lifeless stare in his eyes. Who knows. He could have been texting his groupie or tweeting pics of fake cocaine, but at that moment in time, he looked like the loneliest person in the planet.

Based on his recent behavior, maybe he is.


That's kind of a sad way to end this post, so here's a video of the Flaming Lips on David Letterman. This was filmed way before Wayne Coyne lost his voice, wore that stupid gray suit everywhere, and inspired the names of alleys and state rock songs. Basically, before he became an egotistical asshole. Enjoy.

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