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2012 Worst of OKC: Anchorman

Earlier today I mentioned that our friend Joel Decker was going to be your emcee for the "Worst of OKC."


Thanks to what we'll call a "communication breakdown" — instead of a "Joel was waiting to hear from Patrick" or "Patrick thought Joel knew what to do" — it looks like I'm going to be taking care of today's category. This is good news for you, because I'm better looking than Joel, but bad news for me, because I'm stuck writing about anchormen instead of eating grapes from the hands of fashion models.

Anyway, check out the nominees and vote for the worst anchorman in Oklahoma City after the jump:

Paul Folger, Evening Anchor, KOCO Channel 5

We've never been too sure about Paul Folger, and you guys haven't either. He only received a 51% in a Media Approval Rating a few years ago and nearly won this category last year.

For some reason, there's just something awkward and uncomfortable about Paul. If you need proof, just watch the video above that a Mole sent us. I'm not sure what to think about it. Either Paul Folger doesn't have Facebook account and is trying to make us think that he does, or he's having conversations on Facebook with people who are posing as cats. That's just weird.


Stan Miller, Morning Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Stan Miller was named "Worst Anchorman" in last year's Worst of OKC, but I think the pic we used may have skewed the vote. Don't get me wrong. I can't stand the guy, but he is a morning anchor. He's supposed to be overly cheery, handsome and fake.

Anyway, instead of using Stan Miller's biker douche pic, we're going to use this one of him playing himself in Bad Boys. Yes, Stan Miller made a cameo in Bad Boys. Why's that not surprising?


Kelly Ogle, 6pm & 10pm Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Although I get a little bit irritated when Kelly talks down to me like I'm a 12-year-old during his "My Two Cents," I kind of like him. I'm not sure why exactly. He did do this Q&A with us. That probably got him some bonus points. Not as many as Ashlynn Brooke got in her famed unfinished Q&A, but he got a couple.


Kevin Ogle, 6pm & 10pm Anchor, KFOR Channel 4

This is how weird I am. I have such an odd respect and fascination for the Ogle brothers that it's hard for me to really write anything negative about them, yet I have no issue making one look like Frankenstein's monster in Photoshop. Also, I named a website THE LOST OGLE. Can someone get me some help?


Lance West, 5pm and 6:30pm, KFOR Channel 4

We got a bunch of reader nominations for Lance West. Enough, in fact, to land him in the top 5. This really surprised me. How can someone really think Lance West is that bad of an anchor? I know he doesn't do a lot of crazy shit anymore, but he's not that bad.



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