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Mailbag: Weatherman Brew Lincoln County Gumm

1:19 PM EDT on August 10, 2012

Hey kids, welcome to the Friday Mailbag!

Usually, this is the part of the post where I write about the local business that sponsors our mailbag. Unfortunately, we don't have one this week. That mean's we don't have a prize to offer the mailbag winner, which is probably good, because this week's batch of questions kind of sucked. Plus, I need to get to work on sifting through all the "Worst of OKC" nominations, because I guess we're starting that on Monday.

That being said, I do have one quick question. Would your business be interested in sponsoring the mailbag??? Not to sound like an aggressive Mathis Brother's salesmen or anything, but it's a fun, low-cost way to get your businesses name out there, let people try your product, and help support a fledgling obscure local social blog. If you're interested in a sponsorship, send us an email to THE LOST OGLE at GMAIL dot com, or just complete the contact form.

Now, to this week's unsponsored questions and answers:

Scott asks:

Subject: Channel 4 Meteorologists

Knowing you guys, you're probably already all over this, but KFOR introduced a new "fifth" meteorologist from Texas this morning (how did they fill that job opening so fast?) and specifically said, "No one is leaving the weather department." For some reason, I find that difficult to believe. Perhaps "no one is leaving the weather department"...right now until his contract expires?

I'm still not 100% sure that David Payne is leaving for Channel 5, but the fact that KFOR is bringing in a new weatherman only adds fuel to the fire. It's no secret that David Payne is the most coveted and popular of the number-twos in this market. In fact, News 9 tried to steal him a couple of years ago to replace Jed Castles, but Lord England wouldn't allow it.

Then again, I wouldn't be shocked if David Payne stayed at Channel 4. I received an email from a Mole who gets paid to take those online market research surveys. In a recent one, she had to rate clips of KOCO's Damon Lane, Mike Morgan's nemesis Dan Threlked, and some dude from South Carolina. Who knows, maybe one of them will get the job instead.


Nermel writes:

Subject: 94.7 the brew, buzz or whatever

Since Monday at Noon they have been playing ~40% "new" (past 5-10 years) rock... slowly looking more like the buzz of old.

Here are the three things I liked about this email:

1) It reminded me of 95X, which was kind of cool in 1997.

2) It reminded me that I hate My Chemical Dashboard Sevenfold or whatever it is that the kids consider to be "new rock."

3) It reminded me that we were forwarded some cool local radio news that's embargoed until Monday.

Outside of that, I didn't like the email. It made me feel old.


Cindy writes:

The bulk of the wild fires and earthquakes have been in Lincoln county. Why do suppose this happening to them?

I don't know. Fault lines and drought?

In all seriousness, I really couldn't think of any fun or witty answers to that question. That's because I just spent the previous 10 minutes writing about weathermen gossip and alternative rock radio. If you think that stuff is depressing to read, imagine how I must feel after writing it.



Subject: Joe Gumm

How sad that FOX would fire him due to the RUDE and Crude Stern.  Will quit watching your news also!

I don't think they fired him because of the Howard Stern comments. I think they let him go because you were the only Joe Gumm fan out there. Also, isn't it kind of sad that Channel 25 just lost 1/3rd of their regular viewers because they got rid of Joe Gumm?


Patrick asks:

Subject: Mailbag

Even thought this mailbag sucked, let’s pretend that I want my business to sponsor it for a little while? What do I need to do?

Once again, if you'd like to sponsor the weekly mailbag, contact us today. In the meantime, vote for your favorite email below. We know the winner does not get anything, but screw it, random Internet polls are fun!

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