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Mailbag: Jewish Morgan Schambach Panhandler

Welcome to the Friday Mailbag!

I'm nervously typing this week's edition from my now very delicate, 4-year-old notebook computer. Last week, I began receiving an error message when the computer would wake up informing me that I had the wrong type of power cord connected and the battery wouldn't charge. I thought this message was odd, considering that I still had the original power cord and everything was working fine.

Well, now I'm getting the same warning, only the battery is not charging. For someone who accidentally disconnects the battery cord about every 10 minutes, this is very concerning. Other than the obvious "That's what you get for having a PC" über douche comments some dud will probably write, do any Moles have a suggestions? Should I get a new power supply cord? Perhaps a new battery? Should I junk it and get a new PC. Please help!

Anyway, this week's emails are after the jump. I'm not sure how good they are, but I do know that whoever sends us the best email wins a $25 gift card to Flint. That's pretty good because Flint is pretty good. See what I did there?

To the emails!

Kelly writes:

Who is this Kylie Morgan chick that channel 4 keeps doing stories on and has sing the Rise and Shine song? Is she somehow related to Mike Morgan?

First of all, I had no clue who you were talking about until I googled "Kylie Morgan." Apparently, she is some teen singer from Oklahoma who's trying to become rich and famous.

Anyway, since the Morgan's are fans of The Lost Ogle and occasionally send us emails, I asked Marla Morgan if there was any relation. This was her reply:

So, if Kylie's related does she get cyber bullied or get a pass?? Lol! Wish she were related but, she is not. I tried to adopt her but she said she already had a mom.

Btw, Mike didn't wear a sparkly tie on Emmy night (pic below) cuz blue sparkly clashed with my dress. Some things even trump The Severe Weather Tie.

XO. Marla

Three things:

1. To answer Kelly's original question, Kylie Morgan is not related to Mike Morgan.

2. To answer your question, yes, that email is totally real and came from Marla Morgan.

3. To answer my question, I'm still not sure what to think about all this.


Chris writes:

Ogles -

How could you not share any of your wisdom on the Oklahoma City panhandler who claims he makes $60,000 a year? Let me try that again. HOW COULD YOU NOT SHARE ANY OF YOUR WISDOM ON THE OKLAHOMA CITY PANHANDLER WHO CLAIMS HE MAKES $60,000 A YEAR?

Please and thanks

What wisdom is there to share? I thought it was common knowledge that most panhandlers are basically worthless drug addicts and con artists who make close to $20-$30 an hour standing on a street corner with a sign.

If anything, we should be more angry at the idiots who give panhandlers money. If people stopped tossing them a couple of dollars or lose change , we wouldn't have to put up with these lowlife hacks camping out at every major intersection and making us feel awkward as we wait for the light to turn green.

Also, I like how people think panhandling is an easy job. If I offered you $60,000 a year to stand outside a highway overpass in the elements and beg for change would you do it? Hell no! That's because you have dignity, class and self-respect, something all panhandlers lack.


Brett asks:

I've always noticed that Jessica Schambach never works on Fridays. Is she Jewish? There aren't too many evening anchors around here that strictly work the Sunday through Thursday shift. I'm just curious. Thanks.

Uhm, what in the hell are you doing watching the Channel 5 news on Friday night? Is this a cry for help or something? If you are going to stay in on Friday and watch local TV news, at least watch Gary England so you can possibly experience a "Friday Night in the Big Town" moment.

Anyway, I have no clue if Jessica Schambach is Jewish or not. It doesn't matter either. I would just assume she's like everyone else and doesn't want to work on a Friday night. That's one thing Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and I all have in common.


Duke writes

Last time I seen Sarah Libby she was parading around the Zoo Amp with Spinozi during the Kid Rock concert. Shortly after she left KOCO for CHK. Give me you best Deano Percentage Guestimate as to the probability of CHK falling apart, having to let her go and her returning to my DVR, I mean local weather coverage.



I'd go with 10%. I've heard from many Ogle Moles that the KOCO news director is a pain in the ass to work with, and that's why so many of their employees have left in recent years. Money is a reason, too. Outside of the high-profile primetime gigs, TV news pays shit.

Also, what was Sarah Libby doing with Ron "Spinozi" Benton at a Kid Rock show? Was she drugged and handcuffed, too? I think Mark Opgrande just took a shot or three.


Steve Lackmeyer writes:

So, I had a dream the other night that the milk bottle building on Classen actually dispensed milk. On a scale of 1 -10, how concerned should be?

Okay, Steve Lackmeyer really didn't submit that email. I did, because this week's email submissions were kind of weak. Some were pretty good, but most of them had to do with road construction, sheriff's department scandals and wheat bread. Basically, they were boring.


Anyway, vote for your favorite email below and have a glorious weekend.

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