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Christina Fallin is a newlywed…again

2:56 PM EDT on July 5, 2012

Earlier today, I wrote the following two sentences on this website:

Since a lot of people are not working today — hence, not reading obscure local social blogs — we're going to take it easy this afternoon. Chad will have something up later about vaginas (seriously), but unless we figure out who stole Dean Blevins' Smart Ones and/or Mary Fallin legalizes marijuana and prostitution, that's about it.

Well, this isn't exactly along the same grounds as legalizing pot and prostitution or learning that Kelly Ogle has an appetite for Three Cheese Ziti Marinara, but we have confirmed today that Christina Fallin, the daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, has wed local sushi Chef Eric Smith. This somewhat shocking news comes about one year after Fallin married local hipster musician Matt Bacon at a lavish ceremony in Ireland, and only a couple of months after that marriage ended in annulment.

Here's a statement we received from the Governor's office:

Christina Fallin got married to Eric Smith on Monday, July 2 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Governor Fallin is happy for her daughter and wishes Christina and Eric the best.

Here are some quick thoughts and notes outside of the obvious one that Christina is a lot like her mother.

• The couple apparently eloped, so we have no clue if the Governor or any other people attended the ceremony.

• According to one Ogle Mole, Eric Smith allegedly catered the wedding reception for Christina's first marriage to Matt Bacon. To making things even juicer, Eric was allegedly Matt Bacon's AA sponsor! Talk about shady, if those allegations are true, I kind of feel sorry for Matt Bacon

• Any time a couple elopes, there's generally speculation that the bride is pregnant. We have no confirmation that's the case here, but people are already gossiping about it on our Facebook page.

• Expect Christina Fallin to open a restaurant very very soon.

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