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Behold the Gary England Severe Weather Dong…

11:37 AM EDT on May 30, 2012

For almost a year now, Matt Mahler has held the Oklahoma City Severe Weather Dong Championship belt with the glorious picture above.

Well, it looks like Mahler's title may be in jeopardy. Earlier today, someone posted the following picture on our Facebook wall. It's pretty good:

Remember that scene in A Clockwork Orange where that guy kills the old lady with a large penis statue? That's kind of what Lord England's weather dong reminds me of, only it's not part of a weird disturbing movie.

Anyway, because he's Lord England, I'm going to bestow the Oklahoma City Severe Weather Dong Championship belt to his holiness. If you ask me, the only person who can generate a severe weather dong powerful enough to unseat him is Emily Sutton, which would be both tremendously awesome and ridiculously awkward.

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