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Lost Ogle Q&A: Josh Sallee

As you hopefully know, we will be celebrating our 5th birthday this Saturday at the 51st Street Speakeasy. It will take place from 9:30 to last call, and feature progressive rockers The Non and rapper extraordinaire Josh Sallee.

Josh and I set down as the new Ogle World Headquarters in Gallardia and talked about his new album, what it was like to record with Kevin Durant, and if he likes blondes or brunettes. Check it out!

Q: First of all, thanks for playing at our birthday party. You know we're not a real Ogle, right?

A: That's all subjective.


Q: Tell me about your new album. Clark Matthew says you drop dope rhymes.

A: Its called Probable Flaws. Its free at my website. Its filled with dope rhymes and cool experiences that I hope people gravitate towards. I'm still learning but I think this is project represents what I do well.


Q: Why do you not have a fancy rapper name Josh Snizzle, MC Salleetine or J-Nasty?

A: Because I couldn't come up with anything clever? I have some nicknames, Sosh Jalleezy is the only I'll share. A few years back I decided to stick with my real name, I'm not responsible, but it's now became a trend since in the hip hop world with the rise of Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton and a few others.


Q: Could you do a cover of "It Was a Good Day," by Ice Cube but change the lyrics to the "Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder" instead of Super Sonics?

A: Ice Cube stopped being covered after his movie "Are We There Yet?"  I do love that beat though.


Q: How do you keep a level head when Kevin Durant invites you to his home studio to drop rhymes?

A: Haha. I try not to think about it and just act as normal as possible. I was nervous when I got in the recording booth the first time to lay vocals on a track with KD. It turned out really good tough.


Q: Did that last question sound too white?

A: Neeeever


Q: Speaking of that, what's it like I be a white rapper in Oklahoma?! You're not quite as rare as a black swimmer or Asian NASCAR driver, but close.

A: It's had ups and downs for sure but truth is, there are tons of people in Oklahoma who like good hip hop. All my friends growing up listened to rap and once the digital age changed everything, there was an opportunity for people to see it and support. Older folks always give me the crazy look and ask "YOU.. you're a rapper?!" But then see me live and somewhat understand.


Q: What's the strangest thing that's ever happened at one of your shows?

A: I was opening for Big KRIT and a gold toothed man named Scissorhands asked me for the mic from the crowd. I thought I was about to be Kanye'd but he turned to the crowd and said "Yo this muf*cka right here is spittin that sh*t, y'all make some muf*ckin noise and pay attention!!". It ended up being one of my best sets of 2011 and he became a close friend.


Q: Any other local rappers we should know about?

A: Tons. There is so much talent in this city. Dewey Binns, Beetyman, Myke Brown, Joe Average, PMB, Tyler Reid are just a few guys people may have not heard about. I could go on and on.


Q: What's I like to play with a live band?

A: It's incredible. It adds another element not only to the show, but my emotion. If I could I would do all my shows with at least a drummer.


Q: West Coast or East Coast?

A: Midwest plains


Q: Paper or Plastic?

A: Plastic


Q: Good Hulk Hogan or Bad Hulk Hogan?

A: Ben


Q: Blondes or Brunettes?

A: Blondes don't like me


Q: Finally, a maxi-wedge grinder tornado is barreling down in Casa Sallee. Which weatherman do you watch?

A: Liz Dueweke.

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