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The kids at Hennessey High School reenacted the final dance scene from Footloose (video)

Earlier this week, someone sent me a video of the kids at Hennessey High School reenacting the final scene from Footloose after their prom. I think the person sent me the video in hopes that I would post it and say something nice.

Well, I'll do half of that. Here's the video:

Hey, if Pete Campbell can go after a high school senior on Mad Men, then I can watch the video and hope that one of the girls' boobs pops out and not feel guilty about it...right? I hope so, because that's the only intriguing thing about it.

Seriously, outside of grandmas, moms and girls who went to OCU, who actually thinks these things are cool? It's fun to watch Philippine prisoners do this stuff, because they are fucking Philippine prisoners. I don't want to see popular white kids dance. They are already too arrogant and annoying, and giving them the blessing and encouragement to do stuff like this just adds to it. At least I can take solace in the fact that most of them are only a year or two away from dropping out of college and getting into massive credit card debt. That makes me feel better.

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