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Andrew Speno is sorry :(

9:00 AM EDT on March 12, 2012

I'm not sure why, but I've always kind of liked Andrew Speno. He seems like a good dude, has been around the market for a while, and even pissed of Steve Largent during the (has it really been 10 years?) 2002 gubernatorial campaign.

Because of all that, I was sad to see that Andrew Speno was forced to apologize to the dozens of KOKH Channel 25 FOX News at 9:00 viewers for comments he made on Thursday night's broadcast. Here's the apology. You can watch the video of it at the Fox 25 website.  It's kind of awkward:

I apologize to anyone offended by the remarks I made about Whitney Houston during the FOX 25 Primetime News at Nine on March, 8, 2012. My intent was not to offend but I now see the context in which my comment was taken by many of our viewers. During that segment, we sometimes make fun of celebrities but I can see how my comment about Whitney Houston, so soon after her death, was in poor taste. I hope each of you will continue to watch our newscast. I respect your opinions and each viewer's value as part of our community.

If you ever need to contact me with questions or feedback, feel free to email me directly at

You're probably wondering what Speno said about Whitney Houston to evoke such outrage from people who forgot to change the channel after watching American Idol and the new hit FOX series Touch. This is what we heard happened from a few Ogle Moles who watched it live.

Apparently, Jaime Cerreta was reading a story about Whitney Houston leaving all of her possessions to her daughter. When she finished, Andrew Speno chimed in "Even the crack pipe."

Yep, that's it. Andrew Speno had to apologize for making a slightly funny (and borderline inappropriate) Whitney Houston crack pipe joke. Meanwhile, the clowns on the Channel 9 News at Four continue to get away with this stuff. The world is not fair.

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