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Brent Rinehart is coming back!!!

We’ve covered a bunch of bizarre local political stories over the past four years. Perhaps none of them have been as strange, scary and unintentionally funny as the campaign comic book released by Brent Rinehart. The corrupt politician released the graphic novel during a failed 2008 reelection bid for County Commissioner. After he was rejected by voters, he kind of disappeared from sight and seemingly left politics. Well, he's back!

From the Iron Mike McCarville Report:

Brent Rinehart, the controversial former Oklahoma County commissioner soundly defeated in a 2008 reelection bid after being snared in a campaign finance scandal, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the House in District 95...

Rinehart has made no announcement of his candidacy, but postcards announcing he is “Back In The Battle” are being distributed in Midwest City and although his postcard lists a website address, use of it produces nothing. He has not yet filed with the Ethics Commission...

Rinehart’s postcard mentions national political issues before stating, “Because of my watchdog constitutional stance, I was threatened, smeared and slandered. Practically ruined me personally and financially. I never went along to get along. Not being a politician in a sea of politics is a rough ride. But I am getting back on that horse.”

It’s not that we’re short on material or anything, but I’d give up three more dreams from Emily Sutton for this news to be true. That comic book really is a thing of beauty. It looks like it was created in the back of a spiral notebook by the weird kid in high school who liked Rush, played the drums in band and just happened to be a right-wing lunatic.

Seriously, that comic book had more clichéd Republican talking points than a Rick Santorum loyalty oath. Here are some of the parts of the comic book that stirred obvious controversy back in 2008:

Anyway, we wish Brent the best of luck in getting back involved in Oklahoma politics. Win or lose, we also hope he creates more amazing campaign materials. We can always use a laugh.

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