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At least this Tulsa meth story came with a funny mug shot…

Don't confuse this guy with Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody's long-lost son, Popeye's skinny brother, or the ghost of One-Eyed Will with AIDS. Today's laughing-stock is known as Timothy Davis. He's a gourmet meth chef who blew up his apartment a couple of days ago. He's also mastered the facial expression one makes when they are falling asleep with one eye and watching Zed pet the Gimp with the other.

From the News on 6:

Police have made an arrest in a meth lab explosion in east Tulsa.  It happened Sunday afternoon near 65th and Mingo.

Officers say the explosion was so powerful it actually blew furniture out of the apartment. The explosion also started a fire.

Officers say two men and a woman were inside the apartment at the time.

Witnesses told police they saw a man with burns get into a truck with a woman and leave the scene.  Police started checking hospitals and discovered a woman had dropped off a man with burns St. Francis.  Police say he suffered burns on at least 40% of his body, specifically on his face, hands and arms.  He was later transported to the Hillcrest Burn Center.

Police say the explosion occurred in the bathroom of the apartment and blew a couch in the living room out the window of the living room.  It also moved an exterior wall inches from its original location. The upstairs resident reported that his furniture lifted three to five inches from the ground.

Tulsa Police arrested Timothy Davis, 34, at the scene when he walked out of the apartment.

Davis was booked into the Tulsa County jail on a complaint of possession of a controlled and dangerous substance.  Police say he was wearing a white Tyvek brand protective suit. 

Police say the neighbors have every right to be upset.

"I would imagine they're worried about their safety just in terms of thinking it was so close to them. It is an apartment fire, we know those can be very dangerous," said Tulsa Police Sergeant Kathy Reynolds.

No other injuries were reported.

I do my best to avoid news stories that involve meth. In Tulsa they're as common as Louis Vuitton purses in OU's Greek system or Range Rovers parked in Nichols Hills. Every single week as I read local news websites for workable material, all I'm presented with is apartment fires in sketchy parts of town and a mug shot line up that rivals the pamphlet they pass out on the last day of DARE class in elementary school. I mean, to make fun of meth disasters in Tulsa is the creative equivalent of singing "Don't Stop Believing" at a karaoke bar, or quoting "The Notebook" on your Facebook profile. However, you can't ignore a "Faces of Meth" opportunity such as this one.

Here's a couple other things about the story I noticed:

• Mr. Davis was rocking a Tyvek protective lab suit when police booked him. Sure, he might  ingest toxic chemicals and expose his innocent neighbors to all kinds of carcinogens, but when it comes to splatter burns, he's covered! I wonder why he didn't think to extrapolate this logic and throw on a pair of safety goggles too.

• Of all places, why is Tulsa considered the meth capital of the US? I assumed the amount of bored rednecks per capita was higher in Louisiana or Mississippi. I lived in Salt Lake City for a summer, and every time I went to Wal-Mart a random hick with bleeding gums harassed me for money. Doesn't Breaking Bad take place in New Mexico? I don't think Tulsa has more meth users than other states--we probably have a regular amount, but nothing else significant to report on.

• Despite the lack of a scabby mess on his face, you can never mistake that distinctive pallor of a meth addict. Other tell-tale signs you're dealing with someone on the crystal: nubby rotten teeth, hair that looks both fried and saturated with oil, cut-off jean shorts, and a Dickie's work-shirt.

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