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Well, I now officially have a favorite OHP state trooper

The video below/after-the-jump is about a month old, but someone emailed it to us this morning and I figured I should share it with you. I'm doing this because it does a good job showing two of the most irritating things in today's society : Occupy Whatever Protesters and overly aggressive, ass-holey law enforcement officers.

And oh yeah, it also showcases one mysteriously attractive female state trooper:

Three things:

• If I ever get picked up by the highway patrol while my car is parked along the Broadway Extension at 4:00am, please please please let it be Trooper Mysterious Hot Chick! She can handcuff me anytime! Seriously, who the hell is that girl? She looks like one of those female cops you'd see at a bachelor party or in one of those videos Clark Matthews hides in the old shoe box in his closet. We'll pay upwards of $8 -$10 for more information about this woman.

• Sure, Captain Dickhead may have overreacted when he slapped the phone out of Gay Macaulay Culkin's hand, but I'm glad he did it. In fact, I was rooting for him to punch the annoying kid in the face during the entire video. Or at least make him get on his knees and choke himself.

• I'd like to thank the chubby trooper on the right for not allowing the highway patrolman mustache to die. Some things in this world are sacred, and that mustache is one of them. Keep on truckin', brother. Keep on truckin'.

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