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Meet the great backwards speaking girl from Poteau

The other day this video made the front page of Reddit. It proves that not only do people from rural Oklahoma live their life backwards, but they talk backwards, too:

Tahw eht kcuf!

That's impressive and everything, but what's up with the words chosen by little Johnny Blue Collar? In one sequence he asked her to say "mower, fence, asphalt, concrete, post, wire." That's an odd choice of words. Is the boy a high school drop out or an illegal immigrant? Thank Gary England somebody threw out a "Kaleidoscope." I like kaleidoscopes.

Also, at least Clark Matthews wasn't in the car. That would have been awkward. He would have just asked her to say "Stillwater" over and over again. When the girl got sick of that, he'd then move on to his other favorite words and phrases like "Eddie Sutton Underwear," "Bare Breasted Asians" and "Checkers Champion Richard Pask." I wouldn't have asked her to say anything, because I think it's kind of creepy to be around a kid who looks and talks like and elf.

Anyway, I think I've seen enough scary movies in my life to be pretty sure this girl's going to try to control the world some day. Sure, the little innocent blonde girl who talks backwards is all nice and fun right now, but wait until she figures out how to read minds and control matter. Then we're all going to be screwed.

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