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Emily Sutton dreamed about us!

We've accomplished a lot during our 4+ year career as obscure local social bloggers. We've made E! News, pissed off the Jedi and have even been mentioned live on air by Gary England several -- yes, several -- times.

But now we've done something to top it all. We've entered Emily Sutton's subconscious. And we didn't even need a totem to see if it was real. From Emily Sutton's Twitter account:

Before I write anything else, I should probably mention three things:

1. These tweets were sent late late late Friday night. I know this because I didn't learn about them until after I closed down the 51st Street Speakeasy. And people say nothing good happens after midnight.

2. For some reason the tweets were deleted by the time I woke up Saturday morning. Fortunately, I wasn't super-intoxicated so I had the cognition to save them before going to bed.

3. I recently had a dream that I showed up to the Mike Morgan's KFOR Weather School wearing nothing but a sheet! What a coincidence!

I guess it's good that Emily Sutton is dreaming about us, but why couldn't she had dreamed that we were running through fields of wildflowers searching for the perfect picnic spot only to discover Joleen Chaney skinny dipping underneath a waterfall? That would have been much more positive and entertaining that something about blackmail. That one is just weird. The only person I know who dreams about blackmail is Clark Matthews and even then it has something to do with checkers. Who knows, maybe Emily Sutton also likes checkers.

To make this whole tweetisode even better, Joleen Chaney chimed-in with the following tweet to us and Edna's.

I don't know about you, but I think it's time for us to retire. We have Emily Sutton dreaming about us and then Joleen Chaney telling us she keeps her dreams to herself. Unless Jaime Cerreta and Tiffany Tatro ask us to judge a Fox 25 wet t-shirt contest, there's really nothing left for us to accomplish on the blogospher. Plus, it's noble to quit while you're on top. We're very noble.

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