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State Rep Mark McCullough thinks the OETA Movie Club is too “edgy” and Apartheid documentaries too biased…

Before the official crazy season in Oklahoma politics begins on February 6th (a.k.a. the legislative session), a joint legislative committee holds a series of meetings called the Sunset Review. In the Review, they evaluate and assess specified agencies, boards and commissions.

One of those agencies under the microscope is OETA, Oklahoma’s statewide PBS affiliate. On Monday, the network’s Executive Director John McCarroll appeared in front of the Sunset Review committee to answer questions regarding things like budgets, funding and staffing.

He also answered a few direct questions from State Rep Mark McCullough, who wanted to know why the network would air a “biased” documentary on apartheid and allow BJ Wexler to show “edgy” films on the OETA Movie Club like Annie Hall and Lolita.

Here’s the audio:

Wow. Just wow. How lame, boring and stuck up do you have to be to categorize Annie Hall (rated PG) and Lolita (released in 1962) as “edgy” movies. If you think those films are risqué, you’re also probably scared of blow jobs and only have sex while covered in blankets. They are about as edgy as an episode of Full House. You’ll see racier content on News 9 at Four.

In addition to disliking edgy PG movies from the 60s and 70s, McCullough was miffed that OETA aired a biased documentary on Apartheid. Here’s a transcript of his ignorant and borderline bigoted statement. It begins at around the one-minute mark in the clip above.

Sunday morning, they’re running some old piece on the Reagan Administration’s decision on Apartheid. I mean some thirty something year old, relatively minor public, errr errrr, foreign policy, and here they are running some great big long piece on it that was pretty, uh, pretty one-sided, quite honestly. And I’m not, trust me, nobody likes apartheid, I’m not talking about that, I’m just using it as just a little..uhh...but if you actual watch the content you have to wonder if the critics are justified in maybe the-the-the flavoring, the coloring, the flavoring of some of the content. And I would simply ask you, what-what would you say in response to that.

I didn’t watch the documentary, but how exactly do you show a one-sided piece on Apartheid?  Wait. I know. You report that the Reagan Administration blocked attempts by the US Congress and United Nations to impose sanctions and isolate South Africa. I guess OETA forgot the Republican golden rule that if you don't have anything nice and positive to say about Ronald Reagan than don't say anything at all. Hell, you could probably tell McCullough that Reagan really enjoyed the flavor of black jelly beans and he’d probably challenge you to a duel.

Anyway, hopefully we still have an OETA when this upcoming legislative sessions is over. I wouldn't be surprised if by next fall NOVA is replaced with the Oklahoma Tea Party Digest and BJ Wexler finds himself asking trivia questions about Lonesome Dove and Red Dawn.

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