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Do you realize Wayne Coyne may have tweeted a pic of Ke$ha’s cocaine?

In what can only been seen as an effort to work with someone even less-talented than Yoko Ono, Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips were in Nashville over the weekend recording some music with Ke$ha. We know this because Wayne Coyne sent out several tweets about it.

One item he tweeted was this close-up video he took of Ke$ha singing in the studio. The video kind of looks like a scene from Cloverfield, but instead of just hearing the monster you get to see it. Plus, when the monster begins to shriek, Wayne wisely bypasses the helicopter for the safety of a sound room with autotune technology.

Wayne also tweeted “Yep... recording with Ke$$$$$$$$$ha!!!” With the tweet, he included the following pic of cocaine on a mirror just waiting to be snorted:

Yeah, if you’re working with someone and they tweet a pic of your Tony Montana cocaine stash, you should probably punch them. After that, think of a good excuse and try to cover it up. Don’t send out something stupid like this:

First of all, genius, you don't take TUMS for diarrhea. Secondly, Wayne Coyne doesn’t strike me as the guy who gets bored, drinks a 7-Up, and then smashes up TUMS on a mirror in recording studio. He would do something different like make a statue of a Santa Claus fetus coming out of a large Jello vagina.

Also, I’m sure this isn’t the first time cocaine has been found in a recording studio, but it may be the first time someone was stupid enough to tweet about it. I know Wayne Coyne has a very apathetic, nonchalant approach when it comes to drugs, but you don’t tweet pics of cocaine…especially when it’s not yours! That’s dumber than making a music video with a lot of ugly naked people chasing you while you roll around in a large vagina.

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