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Oglebating: Which is better, the original BC Clark jingle or the one with people singing in the mall?

10:00 AM EST on December 14, 2011

Welcome back to Oglebating! Last time out, you were basically split on whether or not it's OK to root for a school you didn't graduate from. People, if you you aren't going to settle these debates for us, why do we even take the time to do them!?

Today we get into the Christmas spirit with the song that's been rattling around in all your heads for the past two weeks -- the BC Clark jingle! Which is better: the original song with the animated sleigh or the one with people singing in front of the BC Clark store in the mall? We argue about it after the jump....

Tony: The Original

I am not opposed to all remakes. It's not some deeply principled stance or anything. The Coen Brothers' True Grit was awesome, for instance. So was The Fugees cover of "Killing Me Softly." But the truth is most remakes are bad idea -- at best superfluous and most often totally gratuitous and pointless. Think Will Ferrell's Bewitched and two of the Ogles currently on the local news.

Messing with the original BC Clark commercial is a travesty. It's not a bunch of different random people singing off-key that made it such a beloved part of Christmas in Oklahoma. And you know this is just going to lead to a whole bunch of even worse variations. The other day I was listening to the Sports Animal and there was a commercial with all the Sports Animal hosts singing it. The whole thing was just egregious. Having Mark Rodgers sing the BC Clark jingle is basically the equivalent of Mark Rodgers doing the 10 o'clock weather on Channel 9. It should just never happen. What's next? Jack and Ron singing it? Please tell me there's no version of Jack and Ron singing it.

Keep the original BC Clark jingle sacred. Enough with trying to mess with it.

Marisa:  Bring on the Remakes

When it comes to Christmas, there are two types of people in this world. You're either the type that thinks A Christmas Story is a funny movie, or you hope and pray that someday Ralphie will shoot his eye out, and maybe get a BB lodged in his brain so he can't narrate that crap story anymore. I, readers, fall into the latter category.

That's why the BC Clark jingle needs more updates and remakes. The animated commercial with Santa's sleigh is the advertising equivalent of an Oklahoma version of A Christmas Story. It's been around forever, it's not entertaining anymore, and it's completely unrelatable to a modern audience. It makes me wonder if the ad department at BC Clark's is actually stuck in a time warp, or perhaps they went underground to await a nuclear holocaust and their existence is like Brendan Frasier's character in Blast from the Past. It makes you wonder if they're aware that Pixar happened, and that the majority of people these days can't remember the seemingly-faded colors of a Tex Avery cartoon.

To conclude, I'm all for the song. Keep that tradition, but let's breathe some life into it.

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