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The Oklahoman sent us a “cease and desist” on our Young Jenni Carlson T-Shirt Coffee Mugs

1:04 PM EST on November 29, 2011

Yesterday, we shared a few Made-In-Oklahoma Christmas gifts that people could add to their Cyber Monday shopping carts. One of the items featured was a Young Jenni Carlson T-shirt Coffee Mug. We thought the idea was kind of funny and would make a great Christmas gift for that special someone who likes shitty sports columns and new nicknames for Bedlam.

Well, the Oklahoman didn't think the mug was a very good gift idea. In fact, they kind of got mad about it. Check out this "cease and desist" email they sent to us:

To Whom It May Concern:

It was brought to my attention that you have republished as well as provided a copyrighted image for duplication that is the property of The Oklahoman.

Please remove the photo of Jenni Carlson from your blog immediately and contact to remove the image, as well.

The image is currently on these web pages:

The Oklahoman's photographs may not be used for republication, copying or distribution without prior permission.

Also, please notify me when you have removed the image.

Thank you for your understanding and immediate attention to this request.


Linda Lynn
News Research Editor
The Oklahoman
(405) 475-3676

Even though we don't admit to any guilt and feel that we have the “fair use” rights to parody the Oklahoman’s copyrighted content (including images), we’re going to comply with their request and remove the image from our site and from Zazzle.

We’re taking this action for a couple of reasons. For one, a Jenni Carlson coffee mug isn’t really worth the legal fight, especially when dealing with a very large corporate conglomerate that likes to overreact and sue people for making harmless jokes. Two, there are other pictures of Jenni in the public domain that would look much better on coffee mugs. Here are a couple:

Personally, I’m a fan of the “Jenni Drinking a Beer in Wedding Dress” snapshot, although you must admit that the “Jenni Wrapped in Toilet Paper like a Mummy Bride” pic is pretty cool. If you want, you can visit Zazzle or Café Press and use these images to make your own personalized Jenni Carlson coffee mug. We did consider listing these items for sale on our own, but we’re getting out of the unofficial Jenni Carlson product and apparel business.

Anyway, I hope this complies with the Oklahoman’s request and that everyone is now happy.  Also, maybe they can “cease and desist" publishing Jenni Carlson’s terrible sports columns. That would be nice.

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