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Kelly Ogle lets them rip…

He may have some goofy opinions, but Kelly Ogle is cool dude. Need proof?  Just look at the picture that we acquired through the Ogle Mole Network via Twitter. Not only does he get to wear $39-dollar sneakers from Academy to work each day, but he also apparently rips massive farts while on the air.

Seriously, Kelly had to let one go there. Just look at his body language and the smug little smirk on his face. It's like he's thinking "I'm Kelly Ogle. I can do whatever I want...and that's 'My Two Cents,' biatches."

If you need further proof that Kelly Ogle has a flatulence problem, look at Amanda Taylor. She can't get off that podium fast enough!

Wait a second? Amanda Taylor stands on a podium? I thought she was tall!  Now I feel all misled like the time I discovered Jaime Cerreta isn't winking exclusively at me each night on the Fox 25 News 9 broadcast. Apparently she does that to all the guys she's in love with. Hell, before you know it we're going to learn that Russell Westbrook doesn't live in a house filled with Ozarka Water and that Val chases storms via an internet connection in his living room. That would all suck.

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